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The Oregon State University Open Source Lab is a nonprofit organization working for the advancement of open-source technologies. The lab provides hosting for more than 160 projects, including the Apache Software Foundation, the Linux Foundation and Drupal. The OSL's hosted sites deliver nearly 430 terabytes of information every month.[1] The OSL offers hosting services, professional software development and hands-on training for students interested in open-source management and programming. The lab was founded by Scott Kveton and Jason McKerr in 2003 and is currently managed by Lance Albertson. Sponsors and supporters of the lab include Google Inc., the Collaborative Software Initiative, Facebook Inc., The Linux Foundation, IBM, the Drupal Association, Aruba Networks and Host Virtual.


A large variety of free and open-source software projects are hosted by the OSL. They provide a managed and unmanaged hosting environment for open-source software development. The lab often hosts projects that have outgrown services such as SourceForge or GNU Savannah. Like Google, the Open Source Lab employs the Ganeti solution stack.

Projects at least partially hosted by the OSL.[2]

The OSL provides an HTTP and FTP mirror infrastructure mirroring a number of other open-source projects. As of July 2010, there are file mirrors in Corvallis, New York City, and Chicago.[8]

Public PowerPC development resources are also made available to developers working on projects that target the PowerPC, PowerPC64, and IBM Cell processors.[9]


The Open Source Lab also provides contributions to the open-source community through in-house development services. Many of the developers are students at Oregon State University.

Active projects

Projects under active development by the OSL:

Inactive projects

Projects that are no longer under active development by the OSL:


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