Nicole Struse

Nicole Struse
Full name STRUSE Nicole
Nationality  Germany  West Germany

Nicole Struse (born May 31, 1971 in Haan, North Rhine Westphalia) is a table tennis player from Germany, who won several national contests and reached round three with Elke Wosik in the Women's Doubles Competition at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She represented her native country at four consecutive Summer Olympics, starting in 1992. 1995 she was ranked no 1 in the European ranking list.[1] 2004 she won the Europe Top-12 table tennis tournament. After winning the eight German single championship she replaced Hilde Bussmann and Trude Pritzi as new record holder in 2005.[2] 2006 she and Wu Jiaduo won the German double championship. Struse ist right-hander, her strength is the offence. Recently, in March 2009, she was sixth of the German ranking. After that she was not ranked any more because of having not taken part in enough table tennis games during the last twelve months.[3][4]


Nicole Struse belonged to the following associations:[5]

Private life

On 1 May 2000 Struse became a member of the “Sportfördergruppe” of the "Federal Defence Force" of Germany in Mainz.[6]


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