Elena Timina

Timina Elena
Personal information
Full name Timina Elena
Nationality  Netherlands  Russia  Soviet Union

Elena Timina (born 8 May 1969) is a Russian-born Dutch professional table tennis player.[1] She was born in Moscow, Soviet Union.

Career highlights

Summer Olympic Games
1992, Barcelona, women's singles, 1st round
1992, Barcelona, women's doubles, quarter final
1996, Atlanta, women's singles, 1st round
1996, Atlanta, women's doubles, quarter final
2012, London, women's team, quarter final
World Championships
1989, Dortmund, women's doubles, last 16
1993, Gothenburg, team competition, 5th
1995, Tianjin, women's doubles, quarter final
1995, Tianjin, team competition, 9th
1997, Manchester, women's doubles, last 16
1997, Manchester, team competition, 9th
World Team Cup
1990, Hokkaidō, 5th
1991, Barcelona, 9th
1994, Nîmes, 1st 1st, gold medalist(s)
1995, Atlanta, 5th
World Doubles Cup:
1992, Las Vegas, women's doubles, quarter final
Pro Tour Meetings
1996, Kettering, women's singles, semi final
1996, Kettering, women's doubles, quarter final
1996, Bolzano, women's doubles, quarter final
1998, Doha, women's doubles, semi final
1998, Zagreb, women's doubles, quarter final
2007, Velenje, women's doubles, semi final
European Championships
1990, Gothenburg, women's singles, last 16
1990, Gothenburg, women's doubles, runner-up 2nd, silver medalist(s)
1992, Stuttgart, women's singles, last 16
1992, Stuttgart, women's doubles, semi final
1994, Birmingham, women's singles, last 16
1994, Birmingham, women's doubles, runner-up 2nd, silver medalist(s)
1994, Birmingham, team competition, 1st 1st, gold medalist(s)
1996, Bratislava, women's singles, last 16
1998, Eindhoven, women's singles, last 16
2008 – 2011, European Champion team tournament
European Youth Championships
1983, Malmö, women's doubles, runner up 2nd, silver medalist(s) (cadet)
1986, Louvin La Neuve, women's singles, semi final (juniors)
European Top-12 Championships
1992, Vienna, 5th
1993, Copenhagen, 9th
1994, Arezzo, 11th
1995, Dijon, 9th
1996, Charleroi, 11th
1997, Eindhoven, 9th


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