Nicholas II of Transylvania

Nicholas II
Voivode of Transylvania
Reign 1213
Predecessor Bertoldo de Merania
Successor Julius Kán
Died after 1213

Nicholas II (Hungarian: Miklós; died after 1213) was a Hungarian distinguished nobleman, who served as voivode of Transylvania in 1213, during the reign of Andrew II of Hungary.[1][2][3]

Before his voivodeship, Nicholas II served as ispán (comes) of Csanád (1206),[4] Bihar (1207, 1209)[5] and Újvár Counties (1212).[6] Nicholas II maybe was the same person as Nicholas from the kindred Csák, who functioned as ispán of several counties in the coming decades.[7]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Bertoldo de Merania
Voivode of Transylvania
Succeeded by
Julius Kán
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