Csák (genus)

Genus (gens) Csák
Country Kingdom of Hungary
Founded 10th century
Founder Csák (grandson of chieftain Szabolcs?)
Cadet branches 12 branches, including:
Újlak branch
Trencsén branch

Csák was the name of a gens (Latin for "clan"; nemzetség in Hungarian) in the Kingdom of Hungary.


The Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum ("Deeds of the Huns and Hungarians") records that the ancestor of the family was Szabolcs, son of chieftain Előd, the leader of one of the seven Magyar tribes.[1][2] The family was probably connected to the Árpád dynasty. Their ancient possessions were located around the Vértes Mountains in Transdanubia; Csákvár ("castle of Csák") and Csákberény villages still bear their name. The family was named after Szabolcs' grandson who had a fortress built on his possessions.

The most prominent members of the family were Máté Csák III and Ugrin Csák who were powerful aristocrats of the Kingdom of Hungary from the 1290s.

The gens divided into 12 branches and several families in the course of the centuries. The Csáky de Mihály family also belongs to the Csák gens.[2]

Notable members of the clan

Ugod branch

The numbering means within the branch.

Kisfalud branch

Újlak branch

The numbering means within the branch.

Trencsén branch

The numbering means within the branch.

Kendertó branch

The numbering means within the branch.


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