Nagahama Station

Nagahama Station

The east entrance of Nagahama Station
Location Nagahama, Shiga
Operated by JR West
Line(s) Hokuriku Main Line
Opened 1882

Nagahama Station (長浜駅 Nagahama-eki) is a railway station on the Hokuriku Main Line in Nagahama, Shiga, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

Between 1991 and 2006, the station was the dividing point of electrification systems (south of the station, including the station, was 1500 V DC and north was 20,000 V AC) so that all regional trains from Osaka and Kyoto using DC-only electric multiple units terminated at this station. In 2006 the DC zone was extended to Tsuruga Station, but there still exist some terminating trains at Nagahama.

The earlier station, built 1882, is now preserved as a museum (The Old Nagahama Station Museum), and is the oldest preserved railroad station in Japan.


1 Biwako Line (Hokuriku Main Line) Special Rapid ・Local for MaibaraKyōtoŌsaka
Limited Express Shirasagi for Maibara・GifuNagoya
2 Hokuriku Main Line Special Rapid・Local for Ōmi-ShiotsuTsurugaFukui
Limited Express Shirasagi for KanazawaToyamaWakuraonsen
3 Hokuriku Main Line Local for Ōmi-Shiotsu・Tsuruga
4 Biwako Line (Hokuriku Main Line) Special Rapid・Local
for Maibara・Kyōto・Ōsaka
Hokuriku Main Line Local for Ōmi-Shiotsu・Tsuruga


The station opened on March 10, 1882 as the terminal of the railway between Nagahama and Tsuruga. The station became an intermediate station when railway was extended from Nagahama to Sekigahara on May 1, 1883. The route to Sekigahara was later replaced by the route to Maibara.[1]

Until 1889 when the Tōkaidō Main Line was completed by the opening of the last section in Shiga Prefecture, Nagahama was a connection point of the railway and the boat on the Biwa Lake which fulfilled the gap of the railways east and west of the lake.[2]


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