Morské oko (Slovakia)

Morské oko
Location Vihorlat Mountains
Coordinates 48°54′56″N 22°11′54″E / 48.91556°N 22.19833°E / 48.91556; 22.19833Coordinates: 48°54′56″N 22°11′54″E / 48.91556°N 22.19833°E / 48.91556; 22.19833
Basin countries Slovakia
Surface area 0.13 km²
Max. depth 25.1 m
Surface elevation 618 m

Morské oko (called Veľké Vihorlatské jazero in the past; literally Sea Eye) is a lake in the Vihorlat Mountains in east Slovakia. It is at 618 m, covers 0.13 km² with a maximum depth of 25.1 m. It is a national nature reserve (covering 1.08 km²) since 1984 and part of the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area. Among the many fish are trout.

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