Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area

Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area
CHKO Vihorlat
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Location Eastern Slovakia
Coordinates 48°55′N 22°10′E / 48.917°N 22.167°E / 48.917; 22.167Coordinates: 48°55′N 22°10′E / 48.917°N 22.167°E / 48.917; 22.167
Area 174.85 km² (67.5 mi²)
Established 28 December 1973
Governing body Správa CHKO Vihorlat (Vihorlat PLA administration) in Michalovce

Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area (Slovak: Chránená krajinná oblasť Vihorlat) is one of the 14 protected landscape areas in Slovakia. The Landscape Area is situated in the middle part of the Vihorlatské vrchy mountains, in eastern Slovakia. It is situated in the Humenné, Sobrance and Snina districts.


The park was created on 28 December 1973 and the law creating it was amended on 19 April 1999.

Geography, geology and biology

The area of the Vihorlat Mountains is of volcanic origin. Beech, oak, ash, maple, and fir trees are most common in Vihorlat. The area contains about 2,000 species of invertebrates and 100 species of birds. Notable species include Eurasian lynx, wildcat, gray wolf, otter, black stork, Ural owl, lesser spotted eagle, and Eurasian eagle-owl.[1] A curiosity in the park is the Morské oko (literally Sea Eye) lake.


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