Monts du Lyonnais

The Monts du Lyonnais are a range of low-altitude mountains and eastern foothills of the Massif Central located in the Loire and Rhône departments in France.

Typical landscape of the Monts du Lyonnais


The monts du Lyonnais' highest summit is the crêt Malherbe (934m).

The Janon river running east from Terrenoire (now part of Saint-Étienne) and then the Gier continuing east from Saint-Chamond to meet the Rhone at Givors create a valley in the coal basin that separates Mont Pilat from the Monts du Lyonnais.[1]



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Coordinates: 45°39′N 4°32′E / 45.650°N 4.533°E / 45.650; 4.533

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