Monte Tagliaferro

Monte Tagliaferro

NW face
Highest point
Elevation 2,964 m (9,724 ft)[1]
Prominence 637 m (2,090 ft)[1][2]
Listing Alpine mountains 2500-2999 m
Coordinates 45°22′20″N 07°58′13″E / 45.37222°N 7.97028°E / 45.37222; 7.97028Coordinates: 45°22′20″N 07°58′13″E / 45.37222°N 7.97028°E / 45.37222; 7.97028
Monte Tagliaferro

Location in the Alps

Location Province of Vercelli, Italy
Parent range Pennine Alps
Easiest route from Rima San Giuseppe

Monte Tagliaferro is a mountain of the Pennine Alps. It is one of the most popular hiking destination of Valsesia.


The name, which literally means iron cutting, may come from a sharp stone block located not far away from the top.


The mountain is located in Valsesia (VC, Piemonte region). Administratively it is divided between the comunes of Alagna Valsesia and Rima San Giuseppe.

SOIUSA classification

According to the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) the mountain can be classified in the following way:[3]

Access to the summit

The south face from Punta Sivella

The easiest route for the summit starts from Rima San Giuseppe and reaches the summit passing through Vallarolo pass (2,332  m).[4] Nearby the mountain, at 2,264  m, is located Rifugio Ferioli, a public mountain hut.



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