Modern Method Records

Modern Method Records was a record label that helped to document the Boston hardcore scene in the early 1980s. Modern Method was an offshoot of the Newbury Comics music retailer and also the Boston Rock magazine. The label was located at 268 Newbury ST. in Boston, Massachusetts.


catalog # artist title format year
various artists We Had a Wicked Good Time LP 1981
MM001 Gremies No Surfing in Dorchester Bay 7" 1980
MM002 Thrills I'll Be the Heartbreaker 7" ?
MM003 Uncommitted Italy's Underground Economy 7" 1980
MM004 Boy's Life / The Outlets Boy's Life vs. The Outlets 7" 1980
MM005 Bound and Gagged Bound and Gagged 12" 1980
MM006 Pastiche Lock It Up 7" 1981
MM007 Someone & The Somebodies Bops on the Head 12" 1981
MM008 Future Dads Dorchester Summer 7" 1981
MM009 New Models Shattered Windows 7" ?
MM010 Native Tongue Native Tongue 12" 1981
MM011 various artists A Wicked Good Time! Vol. 2 LP 1981
MM012 various artists This Is Boston, Not L.A. LP 1982
MM013 The Outlets Best Friends/ Bright Lights 7" 1982
MM014 various artists Unsafe at Any Speed 7" 1982
MM015 November Group November Group LP 1982
MM016 Someone & The Somebodies Newvo 7" ?
MM017 The Fabulous Billygoons Rhapsody in Flatulence LP 1982
MM018 The Freeze Guilty Face 7" ?
MM019 Lou & The Kozmetix Lou & The Kozmetix LP 1982
MM020 Native Tongue Yowl LP 1983
MM021 The Freeze Land of the Lost LP 1984
MM022 SSD How We Rock LP 1984
MM023 DYS DYS LP 1984
MM024 various artists Mr. Beautiful Presents: All Hard LP 1985
MM025 Band 19 Dictate 12" 1985
MM027 The Freeze Rabid Reaction LP 1985

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