Modeligo GAA

Modeligo GAA is a Gaelic Athletic Association club in County Waterford in the Republic of Ireland. The club represents the parish of Modeligo & at underage level they are represented by Naomh Brid. The clubs' most notable successes at adult level are winning the Waterford county Junior Football Championship in 1996 defeating St Mollerans & the county Junior Hurling Championship in 2008 defeating Fenor. In 2014, the club won its second county Junior Hurling title and later won the Munster title with a victory over Cork champions Castlemartyr, on a scoreline of 5–12 to 0–14 at Mallow. The club colours are green & white.

Modeligo GAA history

The club was established in 1977 to cater for the G.A.A. Activities in the Parish. The first officers were: Chairman – David Fitzgerald, Secretary – Vincent O’Donovan, Treasurer – Deckie Walsh.

It took the club nine years to taste success. In 1986 under the guidance of Paddy Joe Ryan as trainer the club won a notable double defeating Glen Rovers in the ‘B’ hurling and Stradbally in Junior Football. In both county finals Modeligo were defeated by Kill in Hurling and Portlaw in Football.

In 1990 the club won the divisional championship beating Ring but lost the county final to Mount Sion.

In 1991 the club won the divisional ‘B’ junior hurling championship beating Tourin but there was no county final as there was no Junior ‘B’ hurling championship in the Eastern Division.

In 1992 the club won its third Junior football divisional championship beating Kilrossanty but were beaten by Bunmahon in the County Final.

In 1996, Modeligo won the Western junior Football Championship beating Kilrossanty in the final and went on to beat St Mollerans in the county final.

2007 again saw Modeligo win the Western Junior Football championship but were beaten in the county final against Ferrybank. Twelve months later Modeligo beat Fenor to lift the County Junior Hurling Championship. They were beaten by Cork champions Dripsey in the Munster championship.

In 2014, the club won its second county Junior Hurling title by beating Colligan in the western final and Bunmahon in the county final.  Modeligo also won the Munster title with a win over Cork side Castlemartyr on a scoreline of 5–12 to 0–14 at Mallow. In January 2015 the team and supporters made the trip to Birmingham, England to play the All Ireland quarter final against Fullen Gaels. After a close game, the British based team emerged victorious by 2-6 to 0-10. 

The following year also proved to be a very successful one for Modeligo. The club captured the Western Intermediate league title and also the western Intermediate hurling title by beating Clashmore, before going down to Portlaw in the county final. The County Junior Football title was also captured after 19 years, with victories over Colligan Emmetts in the western final and Roanmore in the county final.

Modeligo GAA Honours

Naomh Brid

On Monday, 20 January 1986, a new Juvenile G.A.A. Club was formed in Waterford County. For a number of years previous to this, both the Sliabh gCua/St. Mary’s G.A.A. Club and the Modeligo G.A.A. Club on their own were finding it increasingly difficult to field juvenile teams, so the obvious thing to do was for both clubs to come together, join what resources they had and form a new club.

At its first general meeting John Dalton was elected Chairman, David Fitzgerald was elected Secretary, Tommy Kenneally (R.I.P.) was elected treasurer and was assisted by Jerry Connors (R.I.P.), the clubs first P.R.O. was Nick O’Donovan and the priests living in Touraneena and Modeligo were made club patrons. In the early years of the club's history, the officers and those that succeeded them as well as the various selectors with the different teams did tremendous work in both hurling and football. People like Sean Whelan, Ned Ryan, Vince O’Donovan, Joe Coffey, Ned Power, Pat Hearne and Pat Troy amongst others were instrumental in the early success of the club.

Since the formation of the Naomh Brid club, despite small numbers to pick from, the club has been very successful, winning its fair share of divisional titles in both hurling and football. County Finals over the years have been hard to come by but in recent times this has been put to right. Naomh Brid has also produced a number of very good players that have played for Waterford in different grades of hurling and football at all levels.

Naomh Brid history

In its first year, Naomh Brid contested an under 16 hurling western final but had to settle for second best. Twelve months on, The clubs minor footballers won the western final but defeat was the team’s lot in the county final suffering against Rathgormack. The years between 1988 and 1992 were very successful years for the Naomh Brid Club.

1988 to 1990

1988 saw the club win its first ever under 12 hurling championship. 1989 saw the club put together a very good under 16 football team, a team that won a western football title but missed out on the county title. In hurling the Naomh Brid’s under 16 team qualified for the western final in 1990 but again had to settle for second best. In minor football Naomh Brid won the 1990 minor ’B’ western football and went on to play a Mount Sion side that included Tony Browne in the final. The city side needed two attempts to defeat Naomh Brid. A side from Touraneena and Modeligo using the Sliabh gCua name, won the ’B’ under 21 football championship in the west of the county and went on to beat Erin’s Own in the county final at Kill. This was a first county final win for the combined Sliabh gCua/St. Mary’s and Modeligo G.A.A. Clubs since they joined forces in 1986.

1991 to 1992

In 1991 Naomh Brid, having produced a good under-16 football team in 1989 and a good minor football team in 1990, regrouped and put in a terrific effort during the course of the year to win a western final. The side went on to play Portlaw in Fraher Field. Naomh Brid ran out winners to record a first ever-county final win for the Naomh Brid Club. In 1992 the club won an under 14 football and under 16 hurling championship but had to settle for second best to their opponents in both County Finals.

1994 to 1997

In 1994 Naomh Brid won a western minor hurling title but was defeated in the county final at the hands of a strong Passage side at Cappoquin. 1994 saw the club run its first mixed league for the younger children in the area. Both boys and girls from the parishes of Touraneena and Modeligo were invited to Kirwan Park each week to take part in mixed leagues over the course of a few weeks in the summer. These leagues ran for three years and it was no major surprise that the standard of football improved each week.

Between 1994 and 1997 Naomh Brid qualified for four under 12-football titles. It was no coincidence that these mixed leagues played their part in preparing the teams for the championships, which began around the same time the leagues, were being run. In 1994, Naomh Brid qualified to play Dungarvan in the final at Cappoquin but the final was never played.

1995 was a great year for the club. Using mostly the team that qualified for the 1994 final, the under 12-football team reached the ’A’ final against Kilgobinet. This game was played at the Club Grounds in Dungarvan. Naomh Brid came out on top winning 3–3 to 2–1. This was Naomh Brid’s first ever win in an ’A’ grade competition. The club also had a very good under 16 panel of players in 1995. In hurling and football, the club reached both divisional finals. In hurling Naomh Brid took on St. Mary’s (East) in the county final at the Ballyduff Lower G.A.A. Club Grounds. On the night Naomh Brid were defeated 1–13 to 1–12. Of Naomh Brid’s total of 1–12 on the night, Pat Fitzgerald got 1–-10. In football, St. Mollerans provided the opposition for Naomh Brid at Fraher field but like in the hurling, Naomh Brid had to settle for second best. In 1996, Naomh Brid qualified for a third successive under 12 final. Just like twelve months previously, Kilgobinet were to provide the opposition and again, Naomh Brid came out on top in this game.

In 1997 for the fourth successive year, Naomh Brid qualified for a western under-12 football final. This time, Cappoquin again was the venue for the final and St. Oliver’s provided the opposition. Naomh Brid ran out victors in this game. The under 16 hurling team were also reach a western final which doubled up as a county final as in the east of the county at the time they did not play ’C’ grade competitions in hurling. Ballyduff provided the opposition for Naomh Brid in the final and they needed two attempts to overcome Naomh Brid. Naomh Brid and Stradbally renewed rivalry at under 16 level in 1998 when the two sides clashed in a western final football final at Lemybrien. Naomh Brid were to win by a narrow margin but were to be outclassed in the county final by St. Mary’s. The clubs under 16 hurling team also reached a western final but had to play second best to An Gaeltacht.

1998 to 2002

The club over the next few years was to go through a few lean years. A number of players for different reasons decided to give up playing hurling and football and a number of people who were administrators or selectors with the club for a number of years decided also to call it a day. A number of new people had to be found to get involved in the club, and it took these people a few years to get their ideas and visions for the club in place. The club struggled for a few years to field teams particularly at under 16, minor and under 21 level.

However it was not all doom and gloom, as the club contested both an under 14 and 16 hurling county final against Clashmore in 1999 and 2000 and a western under 12 hurling final in 2000 but had to settle for second best on each occasions. An under 16 hurling championship in the west of the county was won in 2001, when Naomh Brid beat An Gaeltacht at Bushy Park. In 2002, Naomh Brid won an under 11 ground hurling western final but were beaten by Passage in the county final.

At this time, the Kilgobinet/Colligan Minor Club having changed its name from St. Patrick’s in the mid-1990s were also having trouble in fielding juvenile teams as were Naomh Brid. The logic thing for both sides was to sit down and talk to each other about putting joining up and entering teams together into the various underage competitions fielding players as close to the upper age limit as is possible on each team.

Recent Years

For the 2003 championships it was agreed that Naomh Brid would assist Kilgobinet/Colligan in hurling and be known as St. Patrick’s and in football Naomh Brid would be assisted by Kilgobinet/Colligan and that for 2004 competitions the name of Naomh Brid would be used in hurling competitions and St. Patrick’s in football.

Over the last few years, Naomh Brid and St. Patrick’s assisting each other has worked well with the clubs winning at least one county final each year. In 2003, St. Patrick’s reached a western division three under 14 hurling final but were beaten by Ballyduff in Lismore. A few weeks later the same two sides met in the county division four hurling final at Cappoquin. This time it was St. Patrick’s who came out on top with Eanna Power playing a blinder for St. Patrick’s in goal. Naomh Brid won a western under 12-football title during 2003, defeating The Nire in the final at Cappoquin, and in hurling St. Patrick’s were defeated in a Western Final against Clashmore after a replay at Bushy Park.

In 2004, St. Patrick’s reached an under 14 western final against Kilrossanty but had to settle for second best. In the same year, Naomh Brid put in a terrific effort to defeat St. Olivers in an under 12 hurling western final. In 2004 county finals played at under 12 level for the first time. After defeating St. Olivers, Naomh Brid took on Passage in the County Final. The game ended in a draw and after the replay, Naomh Brid came out on top. This was a first ever hurling county final win for Naomh Brid and a first juvenile County Final win for Naomh Brid. (Juvenile in G.A.A. terms in Waterford is 16 and under).

2005 saw Naomh Brid reach an under 12 western final against St. Oliver’s. The game ended in a draw. The replay took place at a few days later. It looked as if the game was heading to extra time until Conor Skehan popped up to score 1–1 in the last few minutes of the game to snatch victory for Naomh Brid. Ferrybank provided the opposition for Naomh Brid in the county final. Ferrybank were expected to provide stiff opposition for Naomh Brid in this game. On the day, Naomh Brid were brilliant. From the off every one of the Naomh Brid players gave it his all. Everything that Ferrybank threw at the Naomh Brid team they were able to cope with. Even when reduced to fourteen players early in the second half did not deter the Naomh Brid players. Every one of the other players dug even deeper. In the end, Naomh Brid ran out deserved winners.

In 2006 St. Patrick’s defeated Kilrossanty to win the Western Final at under 16 level in football. They went on to take on Ferrybank in the County Final. In a low scoring game, St. Patrick’s ran out winners. Naomh Brid were defeated by Fourmilewater in a brilliant county under 16 hurling final and at the time of putting this piece together Naomh Brid are awaiting a date for the final of the under 16 hurling Western Championship. In under 11, Naomh Brid defeated An Gaeltacht to win a ground hurling western final but had to play second best to St. Saviours.

In under 14 hurling, Naomh Brid played Cois Bhride in a division two western final at Cappoquin. Cois Bride had a very good team and ran out winners. Naomh Brid also reached the semi finals of the county championships. In both under 12 and 14 football St. Patrick’s were defeated at the semi final stages in both competitions. At minor level both Naomh Brid and St. Patrick’s competed in both the hurling and football championships.

These successes are expected to be of benefit to the adult teams in the area in the years ahead. The introduction of a coach in the schools is a welcome move. Although visits are limited to each of the local national schools (Touraneena and Modeligo), the amount of work put in at these visits has to be seen to be believed and will be of huge benefit to the players in the years ahead provided the players go away after each session and practice what they learnt.

Naomh Brid honours


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