Miramar Entertainment Park

Miramar Entertainment Park

The rooftop Ferris wheel
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Opening date November 19, 2004
Developer Miramar City Development Holdings Ltd.
Management Miramar City Development Holdings Ltd.
Owner Miramar City Development Holdings Ltd.
Total retail floor area 82645 m²
No. of floors 6
Parking 1255
Website http://www.miramar.com.tw/

The Miramar Entertainment Park (Chinese: 美麗華百樂園; pinyin: Měilìhuá Bǎilèyuán) is a shopping mall in the Dazhi area in Zhongshan District of Taipei, Taiwan.

The department store also contains an IMAX theatre. With dimensions 28m × 21m, its movie screen is the largest in Asia for showing commercial films.

The Neihu Line (TRTS) of the Taipei Rapid Transit System has a station (Jiannan Road Station) next to the department store.

Ferris wheel

On the roof of Miramar Entertainment Park is a 70-metre (230 ft) tall Ferris wheel, second tallest in Taiwan after the 88-metre (289 ft) Sky Wheel at Janfusun Fancyworld.[1] The building and wheel have a total overall height of 100 metres (330 ft), previously the highest overall in Taiwan, but now superseded by the Dream Mall Ferris wheel (Kaoshiung Eye) in Kaoshiung, a smaller 50-metre (160 ft) diameter wheel on a taller building, which opened in May 2007.

Full view of Miramar Entertainment Park.

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