Jin-Zuan Night Market

Coordinates: 22°35′56.5″N 120°19′11.3″E / 22.599028°N 120.319806°E / 22.599028; 120.319806

Jin-Zhuan Night Market entrance sign
Jin-Zhuan Night Market

The Jin-Zuan Night Market (Chinese: 金鑽觀光夜市; pinyin: Jīnzuān Guānguāng Yèshì) is a night market in Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Together with the adjacent Kaisyuan Night Market, they form the largest night market in Taiwan.[1]


The night market was opened in July 2013.[2]


The night market is shaped into a large constellation for easy visitor navigation around the vendors. It covers an area of 30,000 m2 with over 500 of stalls offering a wide variety of Taiwanese food, drinks and goods. The parking lot offers spaces for 500 cars and 1,000 scooters.


The night market is accessible within walking distance North East of Kaisyuan Station of Kaohsiung MRT. The night market also provides complementary shuttle bus service that runs every five minutes interval from the station to the market.[2]

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