Ministry of Civil Aviation (Egypt)

Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Civil Aviation
وزارة الطيران المدني

Agency overview
Formed 2002 (2002)
Jurisdiction Egypt
Headquarters Cairo
Agency executive
  • Sharif Fathi, Minister
Child agency
  • Egyptian Civil Aviation Agency
Website Official website

The Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt (MCA,[1] Arabic: وزارة الطيران المدني) is the ministry in charge of civil aviation in Egypt.


The ministry was established in 2002[2] by separating out the responsibilities for civil aviation from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Ministry of Civil Aviation is headquartered in Cairo.

The Egyptian Civil Aviation Agency (ECAA, Arabic: الهيئة المصرية العامة للطيران المدنى), subordinate to the ministry, is the civil aviation authority of Egypt.[3]

The ministers of civil aviation include the followings:


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