Masatada Yamasaki

Masatada Yamasaki (山崎 正董 Yamasaki Masatada, June 16, 1872 May 29, 1950) was a gynecologist and president of Kumamoto Medical College (19251932). He wrote The history of medical education in Higo (Kumamoto) and Yokoi Shōnan. After retirement, he travelled in Okinawa.

Masatada Yamasaki

Masatada Yamasaki
Born June 16, 1872
Kōchi Prefecture
Died May 29, 1950
Nationality Japan
Occupation Physician (Gynecologist)
Known for

First President of Kumamoto Medical College,(1925-1932), The

books History of Medical Education in Kumamoto and Yokoi Shōnan


He was born in Sagawa town, Takaoka gun, Kōchi Prefecture on 11 May 1872. After graduation from Tokyo Imperial University in 1900, he became professor at private Kumamoto Medical School in 1901. In 1909 and 1910, he studied in München and Bonn universities. He was appointed the president of Aichi Medical School in 1916. In 1925, he was appointed the president of Kumamoto Medical College and director of the Hospital. In 1929, he wrote The history of medical education in Higo (Kumamoto). In 1932, he retired from the Kumamoto Medical College. In 1932 and 1933, he travelled in Okinawa and on 29 May 1950 he died in his house.


Originally interested in history and travelling, he retired at age 60 from the university and travelled to Okinawa in 1932 and 1933. In 1932, a cameraman accompanied him and in 1933 he was accompanied by his wife, son, a cameraman and an artist. Many physicians who studied in his universities helped him (he used the Governor's car). Fortunately, photographs of various scenes taken during his journey in Okinawa in 1932 and 1933, mostly in historical spots, were discovered and published in 2000. Since Okinawa was hit badly by the last war, these photographs were considered of inestimable value. The inclusion of himself in photographs served as a measure of various buildings.

Medical education in Higo (Kumamoto)

His famous book, Medical education in Higo dates back to 1758 when Saishunkan was established. This book has more than 800 pages.

Yokoi Shōnan

He studied Yokoi Shōnan and his book got a renewed interest. 2009 marked the 200th year after the birth of Yokoi Shōnan.[1] This book has more than 1300 pages.




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