Martha Issová

Martha Issová

Martha Issová (also known as Martha Issa, born 22 March 1981) is a Czech film, television and stage actress. She was born in Prague. She is daughter of actress Lenka Termerová and director Moris Issa. Her cousin is Klára Issová.


She studied State Conservatory in Prague. She started performing at Prague's Divadlo na Fidlovačce and continued to do so at other Prague theatres. Since 2006 she performs at Prague's Dejvice Theatre.[1] She participated in creating a plagiary of Sarah Silverman's election commercial in 2010. However, people claimed that the plagiary is based on antigerontism[2] not present in the original commercial.[3]

She has a daughter with her partner David Ondříček.



Divadlo Na Fidlovačce

Dejvice Theatre

Another Stage Works


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