Manchester Reform Synagogue

Manchester Reform Synagogue
Basic information
Location Jackson's Row, Manchester M2 5NH
 United Kingdom
Affiliation Reform Judaism
Status Active
Leadership Rabbi Reuven Silverman[1]
Completed 1952 (current building)

Manchester Reform Synagogue, a member of the Movement for Reform Judaism, is one of the oldest Reform synagogues in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1857[3] under the name Manchester Congregation of British Jews by a group consisting mainly of German-Jewish immigrants,[4] the synagogue is located in central Manchester at Jackson's Row.

The current structure was built in 1952, using money from the War Damage Commission, after the previous synagogue building was destroyed on 1 June 1941 during the Second World War in the Manchester Blitz.[5] The current building includes a large synagogue, banqueting hall and classrooms.[5] In 2014 it was reported that the building would be demolished and rebuilt.[1]


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