Louise de Rohan

Princess of Guéméné
Born (1704-08-11)11 August 1704
Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, France[1]
Died 20 August 1780(1780-08-20) (aged 76)
Chevilly, Loiret, France
Spouse Hercule Mériadec de Rohan
Charlotte Louise, Princess of Masserano
Généviève, Abbess of Marquette
Jules, Prince of Guéméné
Louis Armand, Prince of Motbazon
Louis René Édouard, Cardinal de Rohan
Ferdinand, Archbishop of Cambrai
Full name
Louise Gabrielle Julie de Rohan
Father Hercule Mériadec de Rohan
Mother Anne Geneviève de Lévis

Louise de Rohan (Louise Gabrielle Julie; 11 August 1704 20 August 1780) was a French noblewoman and Princess of Guéméné by marriage.


Born in Paris[1] to Hercule Mériadec de Rohan and his wife Anne Geneviève de Lévis, as a member of the House of Rohan, she was entitled to the style of Highness. Her mother was the only child of Madame de Ventadour.

Her siblings included Louise Françoise, Duchess of La Meilleraye (married a grandson of Hortense Mancini and present ancestress of the Prince of Monaco) Jules, Prince of Soubise, Marie Isabelle, Duchess of Tallard, Governess of the Children of France. Her uncle was the Bishop of Strasbourg.

She was baptised with the names Louise Gabrielle Julie on 13 August. She was known as Louise de Rohan. Her uncle was the Bishop of Strasbourg, alleged son of Louis XIV.

Louise de Rohan was engaged to her cousin Hercule Mériadec de Rohan, who was son and heir of Charles III, Prince of Guéméné and Charlotte Élisabeth de Cochefilet. They were married on 4 August 1718[1] at Jouarre Abbey[1] where her older sister Charlotte Armande was Abbess.

Louise presented her daughter, Charlotte Louise, to Louis XV and the queen, Marie Leszczyńska on 26 October 1737 at Fontainebleau. Two days later Charlotte Louise married the Italian Prince of Masserano. The Prince of Masserano was the Spanish ambassador in London.

Louise's eldest daughter, Charlotte Louise by Nattier, 1738

She died at Chevilly, Loiret on 20 August 1780.

She owned the Manoir de Launay which she bought in 1747.[2]



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