François, Prince of Soubise

Prince of Soubise
Born 1630
Died 24 August 1712[1]
Hôtel de Soubise, Paris, France
Burial Église Saint-pierre, Soubise, France
Spouse Anne de Rohan-Chabot
Cathérine Lyonne
Hercule Mériadec, Duke of Rohan-Rohan
Armand, Cardinal de Rohan
Full name
Hercule Mériadec de Rohan
Father Hercule de Rohan
Mother Marie de Bretagne d'Avaugour

François de Rohan (1630 24 August 1712) was a member of the House of Rohan and founder of the houses Soubise. His wife Anne Julie de Rohan was the one time mistress of Louis XIV and mother of François 's own eleven children. Prince of Soubise jure uxoris, he was also the Lord of Frontenay and of Ponghes.


Born to Hercule de Rohan and his wife Marie de Bretagne d'Avaugour. His father had been married twice and François was the only son born from the second marriage. His older sister was Marie de Rohan, wife of the Duke of Chevreuse, Duke of Luynes and a key figure of the Fronde, the great cival war which threatened the power of the monarchy. His older brother was Louis de Rohan, Prince of Guéméné.

He was married twice.

At the insistence of his wife, François bought of the Hôtel de Guise from the trustees of the late Duchess of Guise. He bought the property on 27 March 1700 and renamed it the Hôtel de Soubise. It was at the Hôtel that François died outliving his wife by three years.

He was buried at the Église Saint-pierre in Soubise, a church which he had rebuilt after its destruction in the European wars of religion.


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