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This article lists political parties in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has a hybrid 'first past the post' electoral system, in which a voter can vote by party, by candidate or both. To qualify as an official political party (and thus be able to appear on the printed state electoral ballot), a party must meet the criteria set forth by the Puerto Rico Electoral Law.

These criteria categorize political parties as follows:

Political parties meeting the stated criteria are certified and inscribed by the State Elections Commission.

Registered parties


As of 2016, Puerto Rico has 4 registered electoral parties:

Name (in English) Name (in Spanish) Initials Current leader Ideology
New Progressive PartyPartido Nuevo ProgresistaPNPRicardo Rosselló Pro-statehood
Popular Democratic PartyPartido Popular DemocráticoPPDAlejandro García PadillaPro-commonwealth, pro-autonomous entity: different from a federated state or a territory. (Estado Libre Asociado), as established in 1950 law
Working People's PartyPartido del Pueblo TrabajadorPPTRafael Bernabe Riefkohl pro-working class, Pro-well being of the working people.


Name (in English) Name (in Spanish) Abbreviation Existed
Federal PartyPartido Federal-1900s
Christian Action PartyPartido Acción CristianaPAC1960s
Liberal Party of Puerto RicoPartido Liberal de Puerto Rico-1932-1944
Nationalist Party of Puerto RicoPartido Nacionalista de Puerto RicoPNPR1920s-Present, no longer electoral.
Puerto Rican Communist PartyPartido Comunista PuertorriqueñoPCP1930s-1990s
Puerto Rican Renewal PartyPartido Renovación PuertorriqueñoPRP1983-1987
Puerto Rican Socialist PartyPartido Socialista PuertorriqueñoPSP1970s-1990s
Republican Statehood PartyPartido Estadista RepublicanoPER1900s-1930s
Socialist PartyPartido Socialista de Puerto RicoPSPR1900s-1950s
People's Party Partido del PuebloPP1960s-1970s
Puerto Rican Union PartyPartido Unión PuertorriquenaPUP1969-1972
Union PartyPartido Unión-1900s-1930s
Republican UnionUnión Republicana-1930s-1960s
Sovereignist Movement UnionMovimiento Union SoberanistaMUS2012
Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico PartyPartido Puertorriqueños Por Puerto RicoPPR2007-2012

|Puerto Rico Idependence Party|| Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño||PIP||1946-2016

Unregistered parties

A number of unregistered political parties and organizations exist in Puerto Rico outside of the electoral arena. These organizations span the entire political spectrum:

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