List of members of the parliament of Albania, 2009–13

The List of members of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania (2009–2013) is the list of members of the Assembly of Albania. According to the outcome of the Albanian parliamentary election of 2009.

Only the originally elected members are represented in this list, and a * indicates a replacement


The deputies are sorted by county they are elected from:[1]

Berat County

No. Name Party
1 Erion Braçe Socialist Party
2 Ermonela Felaj Socialist Party
3 Fidel Ylli Socialist Party
4 Genc Pollo Democratic Party
5 Lefter Maliqi Democratic Party
6 Marko Bello Socialist Party
7 Mehmet Xheka Democratic Party
8 Nasip Naço Socialist Movement for Integration

Dibër County

No. Name Party
1 Bedri Hoxha Democratic Party
2 Jemin Gjana Democratic Party
3 Qemal Minxhozi Socialist Party
4 Sadri Abazi Socialist Party
5 Selami Xhepa Democratic Party
6 Sherefedin Shehu Democratic Party

Durrës County

No. Name Party
1 Albana Vokshi Democratic Party
2 Blendi Klosi Socialist Party
3 Eduard Halimi Democratic Party
4 Ferdinand Xhaferri1 Democratic Party
5 Gazmend Oketa New Democratic Spirit (formerly Democratic Party)
6 Gazmir Bizhga Socialist Party
7 Hazir Gashi Socialist Party
8 Igli Cara Democratic Party
9 Klodiana Spahiu Socialist Party
10 Lefter Koka Socialist Movement for Integration
11 Osman Metalla Democratic Party
12 Rudina Seseri7 Socialist Party
13 Ylli Lama Democratic Party

Elbasan County

No. Name Party
1 Adriana Gjonaj Democratic Party
2 Agim Leka Socialist Party
3 Ardian Turku Democratic Party
4 Damian Gjiknuri Socialist Party
5 Dashnor Sula Democratic Party
6 Ilir Bejtja Socialist Party
7 Luçiano Boçi Democratic Party
8 Lulzim Basha2 Democratic Party
9 Rrahim Çota Democratic Party
10 Shegush Ligori Socialist Party
11 Skender Hasa Socialist Party
12 Sybi Hida Democratic Party
13 Taulant Balla Socialist Party
14 Valentina Leskaj Socialist Party

Fier County

No. Name Party
1 Albert Çaçi Socialist Party
2 Arben Çuko Socialist Party
3 Armando Subashi Socialist Party
4 Bashkim Fino Socialist Party
5 Dritan Prifti Independent (first LSI)
6 Enkelejd Alibeaj Democratic Party
7 Ermelinda Meksi Socialist Party
8 Ervin Koçi Socialist Party
9 Fatos Beja Democratic Party
10 Fatos Tushe3 Socialist Party
11 Gramoz Ruci Socialist Party
12 Ilir Bano Democratic Party
13 Mesila Doda Democratic Party
14 Piro Lutaj Socialist Party
15 Sokol Olldashi Democratic Party
16 Vasillaq Ngresi Democratic Party

Gjirokastër County

No. Name Party
1 Arta Dade Socialist Party
2 Et’hem Ruka Socialist Party
3 Genc Ruli Democratic Party
4 Spiro Ksera Democratic Party
5 Vangjel Tavo Socialist Movement for Integration (first PS[2])

Korçë County

No. Name Party
1 Alfred Dalipi Socialist Party
2 Arben Ahmetaj Socialist Party
3 Ben Blushi Socialist Party
4 Edmond Spaho Democratic Party
5 Fatbardh Kadilli Democratic Party
6 Gjergji Papa Democratic Party
7 Ismail Hoxha Democratic Party
8 Ledina Aliolli Democratic Party
9 Mimi Kodheli Socialist Party
10 Olta Xhacka Socialist Party
11 Pandeli Majko Socialist Party
12 Ridvan Bode Democratic Party

Kukës County

No. Name Party
1 Asllan Dogjani Socialist Party
2 Besnik Dushaj Democratic Party
3 Fatos Hoxha Democratic Party
4 Flamur Noka Democratic Party

Lezhë County

No. Name Party
1 Armando Prenga Socialist Party
2 Edi Paloka Democratic Party
3 Gjok Jaku4 Socialist Party
4 Gjovalin Kadeli Socialist Party
5 Mark Marku Democratic Party
6 Pavlina Hoti Democratic Party
7 Rrajmond Hoxha Democratic Party

Shkodër County

No. Name Party
1 Arenca Trashani Democratic Party
2 Astrit Bushati Democratic Party
3 Astrit Beci Socialist Party
4 Gëzim Dibra5 Democratic Party
5 Gjok Uldedaj Democratic Party
6 Ilir Beqja Socialist Party
7 Jozefina Topalli Democratic Party
8 Ndue Paluca Democratic Party
9 Ndue Kola Socialist Party
10 Paulin Sterkaj Democratic Party
11 Tom Doshi Socialist Party

Tirana County

No. Name Party
1 Aldo Bumçi Democratic Party
2 Andis Harasani Socialist Party
3 Arben Imami Democratic Party
4 Artan Gaçi Socialist Party
5 Besnik Baraj Socialist Party
6 Bujar Nishani Democratic Party
7 Dashamir Peza Socialist Party
8 Ditmir Bushati Socialist Party
9 Eduard Shalsi Socialist Party
10 Eglantina Gjermeni Socialist Party
11 Enkelejda Shkreli Socialist Party
12 Fatmir Mediu Republican Party
13 Fatmir Xhafaj Socialist Party
14 Florian Mima Democratic Party
15 Gent Strazimiri Democratic Party
16 Gerti Bogdani Democratic Party
17 Ilir Rusmali Democratic Party
18 Ilir Meta Socialist Movement for Integration
19 Ilir Gjoni Socialist Party
20 Kastriot Islami Independent (first Socialist Party)
21 Lajla Pernaska Democratic Party
22 Luan Skuqi Democratic Party
23 Majlinda Bregu Democratic Party
24 Myqerem Tafaj Democratic Party
25 Namik Dokle Socialist Party
26 Rajmonda Bulku Democratic Party
27 Sajmir Tahiri Socialist Party
28 Sali Berisha Democratic Party
29 Tritan Shehu Democratic Party
30 Vasilika Hysi Socialist Party
31 Viktor Gumi Democratic Party
32 Xhemal Qefalia Socialist Party

Vlorë County

No. Name Party
1 Arben Isaraj Socialist Party
2 Arben Malaj Socialist Party
3 Ardian Kollozi6 Democratic Party
4 Astrit Patozi Democratic Party
5 Dashamir Tahiri PDIU (formerly PDU)
6 Eltar Deda Socialist Party
7 Fatmir Toci Socialist Party
8 Kreshnik Çipi Democratic Party
9 Leonard Demi Democratic Party
10 Luiza Xhuvani Socialist Party
11 Shpetim Idrizi PDIU (formerly PS/PDI)
12 Vangjel Dule Unity for Human Rights Party

Replaced members

1.^ Ferdinand Xhaferraj resigned for candidature for Durrës at the Albanian local elections in 2011.[3] He was replaced by Ndriçim Babasi.
2.^ Lulzim Basha resigned for candidature for Tirana at the Albanian local elections in 2011.[3] He was replaced by Kosta Barka.
3.^ Fatos Tushe resigned for candidature for Lushnje at the Albanian local elections in 2011.[3] He was replaced by Arion Muçaj.
4.^ Gjok Jaku resigned for candidature for Lezha at the Albanian local elections in 2011.[3] He was replaced by Ndrec Deda.
5.^ Gëzim Dibra died during office, for that reason he is replaced by Ramiz Çobaj.[4]
6.^ Adrian Kollozi resigned for candidature for Vlorë at the Albanian local elections in 2011.[3] He was replaced by Aurel Bylykbashi.
7.^ Rudina Seseri resigned[5]


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