List of mayors of Youngstown, Ohio

The Mayor of Youngstown is the chief executive of the government of the city of Youngstown, Ohio. The term of office for the mayor and members of Youngstown City Council is four years. Youngstown, Ohio has had a total of 50 recorded mayoral administrations, including the city's current mayor. Youngstown has traditionally been led by Democratic mayors.

According to the Youngstown Home Rule Charter, the City of Youngstown’s executive branch is led by the mayor, who is elected on a nonpartisan ballot to a four-year term. The mayor must be a qualified elector, at least 30 years old and a city resident for five years immediately preceding the election. The mayor may hold no other public office except that of a notary public. The mayor may serve two complete, consecutive four-year terms and is eligible for re-election after an intervening term. As the chief executive officer of the city, the mayor’s duties include:

The mayor and department heads are entitled to seats in Council but do not have voting privileges. The mayor has the right to introduce ordinances and take part in the discussion of all matters coming before Council.

When the mayor is absent from the city, or is unable for any reason to perform his duties, the President of City Council is the acting mayor. The Youngstown Home Rule Charter requires that the Mayor’s Administrative Council, which consists of the mayor and the heads of departments/divisions, meet at least once each month to discuss matters relating to the administration of city affairs and the improvement of methods and procedures in various departments.

The mayor’s day-to-day activities focus on overseeing and coordinating the work of the city’s six administrative departments: Law, Finance, Public Works, Water & other public utilities, Police and Fire, as well as the Park and Recreation Commission and the City District Board of Health.

19th century

Name                           Date                           Party
John Heiner 1850–1851
Robert W. Tayler 1851–1852
Stephen F. Burnett 1852–1853
William G. Moore 1853–1855
William Rice 1855–1856
Thomas W. Sanderson 1856–1857
Reuben Carroll 1857–1862
Peter W. Keller 1862–1863
John Manning 1863–1863
Thomas H. Wells 1863–1864
Brainard Spencer Higley 1864–1866
George McKee 1866–1871
John D. Raney 1872–1873
William M. Osborn 1874–1875
Matthew Logan 1876–1879
William J. Lawthers 1880–1883
Walter L. Campbell 1884–1885
Samuel A. Steele 1886–1887
Randall Montgomery 1888–1891
Isaac Barclay Miller 1892–1895
Edmond H. Moore 1896–1899

20th century

Name                           Date                         Party
Frank L. Brown 1900–1903
W. T. Gibson 1904–1905
Frank L. Baldwin 1906–1907
Alvin W. Craver 1908–1912
Fred A. Hartenstein 1912–1916
Carroll Thornton 1916–1918
Alvin W. Craver 1918–1920
Fred J. Warnock 1920–1922 Republican
George Oles 1922–1922 Independent
William G. Reese 1922–1923 Republican
Charles Scheible 1924–1927 Democrat
Joseph L. Heffernan 1928–1931 Democrat
Mark E. Moore 1932–1935
Lionel Evans 1936–1939 Democrat
William B. Spagnola 1940–1943
Ralph W. O'Neill 1944–1947 Democrat
Charles P. Henderson 1948–1954 Republican
Frank X. Kryzan 1954–1960 Democrat
Frank R. Franko 1960–1961 Democrat
Harry N. Savesten 1962–1963 Republican
Anthony B. Flask 1964–1969 Democrat
Jack Hunter 1970–1977 Republican
J. Phillip Richley 1978–1979 Democrat
George Vukovich 1980–1983 Democrat
Patrick Ungaro 1984–1997 Democrat

21st century

George McKelvey                          1999–2006                        Democrat
Jay Williams 2006–2011 Independent (first term); Democrat (second term)
Charles Sammarone 2011–2013 Democrat
John McNally IV 2013-Present Democrat


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