List of kanji by concept

This Kanji index method groups together kanji that describe things that deal with the same concept, for example kanji for numbers or kanji for directions.

Kanji with multiple meanings may appear more than once.

Physical properties and attributes


Colours; white; black; red; crimson; blue; yellow; green; gold; silver; violet; dark blue; vermilion; brown; indigo; brightly coloured;

Shape, size, pattern, arrangement

shape; form; 姿 figure; pattern; design, pattern; circle; circular; curve; arc; ring, surround; ring; concave; convex; angle; diagonal; sphere; sphere; ball; line; row, line; line up; large; huge; small; minute; narrow; edge or border; edge; perimeter; boundary; frame, border; end, tip; side; corner; tall; long; short; wide; width;

Miscellaneous properties

hard; soft; heavy; light (weight); solid, firm; liquid; strong; weak; thick; thick, concentrated; dilute, thin; slender; fine, delicate; delicate; sharp; fat, thick; deep; shallow; hot; hot; warm; warm; cold; cold; dry; dry; 湿 damp; moist; clean; dirty; sticky; glossy;

Directions and spatial relationships

north; south; east; 西 west; left; right; down; up; front; back; rear, back; bottom; outside; inside/middle; inside; centre; interior; between; direction in; direction out; direction; near; distant; toward


come; go; travel; go, depart; return; go (esp. visit); fall, drop; go to; go beyond, exceed; fall over; fall down, crash; raise, elevate

Numbers, counting, sequence

number; zero; one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine; ten; 100; 1,000; 10,000; 100,000,000; 1,000,000,000,000; ordinal marker; first; second (ordinal); third (ordinal); digit; pair; many; few; half; both; each; every; next; the following; numerical order; sequence; sequence


general counter; counter for machines and vehicles; counter for flat things; counter for cylindrical things; counter for ships; counter for books; counter for animals; counter for small animals or insects; counter for large animals; counter for birds and rabbits; counter for articles; counter for pairs of footwear; counter for bonds, tickets; counter for cupfuls; counter for houses; counter for houses; counter for wheels and flowers; counter for tatami mats; counter for loaves of bread; miscellaneous counter

Handling amounts

calculation; times, double; increase, add; increase; decrease, consume; dwindle, decrease; shrink, contract; add to; division; divide; split in two


Units of length: Japanese foot (around 30 cm); 1/10 Japanese foot (around 3 cm); (around 0.3 mm); league (around 3.9 km)

Units of area: two-mat area (around 3.3 m²); 30 tsubo (around 100 m²)

Units of volume: ladle (around 18 ml); (around 1.8 l); (around 18 l); (around 180 l)

Units of weight: (around 3.75 grams); (around 600 g)


day; week; month; year; day of week; calendar; morning; noon; daytime; evening; evening; early evening; night; sunrise; rising sun; sunrise; sunset; time, hour; minute; second; now; early; late; before; after; long ago; former; formerly; recent; ahead, previous; interval of time; time period; a while; era; previous time; number of times; time, about; moment, occasion; number of times; antiquity; eternity; period of 10 days; begin; end; old; old; young; new;


season; season; season, period; spring; summer; autumn; winter

Days of the week

weekday; Sunday; Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday; Thursday; Friday; Saturday


Sky and heavens

sun; sun or yang principle; moon; star; sky or heaven; sky or void; air; universe;

Natural substances

metal or gold; silver; copper; lead; iron; pig iron; steel; ore; crystal; jewel; pearl or jewel; water; ice; steam, vapour; stone; coal; ash; earth; ground or earth; sand; sand; mud; salt; cinnabar; sulphur; acid, oxygen; nitrogen; timber, material; oil; fat;

Weather and other natural phenomena

cloud; cloud; rain; rainbow; wind; snow; storm; climate; fine weather; haze or mist; lightning or thunder; fog or mist; frost; dew; wave; tide; whirlpool; flood; earthquake; natural disaster; dark; dark; dark; light; light; yin principle or shadow; shadow; smoke or fumes; electricity; magnet; fire; blaze

Landscape and topography

land; field; field; field; rice paddy; pasture; countryside; fertile soil; desert; mountain; peak or mountain; peak; mountain pass; hill; hill; hill; slope; foot of mountain; embankment; valley; mountain stream or valley; gorge; ravine; cave; rock or boulder; rock or boulder; desert; river; river or stream; water spring; waterfall; shallows, rapids; ditch; levee; swamp; marsh; ocean or sea; ocean; open sea; lake; pond; lagoon; reef; creek or bay; bay, gulf; shore; seashore; beach; bay, beach; cliff; promontory or cape; promontory; headland; island;


See also Food and Drink

dog; dog; cat; mouse; rabbit; horse; cow; sheep; pig; 鹿 deer; beast; livestock; elephant; tiger; bear; wolf; fox; raccoon dog (tanuki); monkey; / turtle; dolphin; whale; insect; insect; bee; mosquito; silkworm; firefly; snake; alligator or crocodile


fish; shellfish; carp; crucian carp; minnow; trout; salmon; sea bass; sea bream; stone loach; cod; eel; goby; mackerel; sardine; scad / horse mackerel; herring; bullhead; catfish; / flounder; amberjack; sole; shark;


bird; chicken; duck; hawk; crane; sparrow; owl; swallow; / crow;

Animal parts

feather, wing; wing; fur; tail; tusk, fang; horn; claw;

Plants and trees

See also Food and Drink

plant; tree; tree; grove; forest; pine; cedar; cherry; plum; pear; persimmon; horse chestnut; wisteria; mulberry; peach; willow; cinnamon tree; grass; rice plant; hemp or flax; bamboo; vine; brier; chrysanthemum; cultivation of plants; algae, seaweed; mushroom; fungi or bacteria; root; tree trunk; branch; leaf; flower; bud; seedling; stem;



person; person (usually with qualifier); people; man; woman; male; female; old man; old woman; young lady; child; child; boy, sonny; son, boy; juvenile; gang or junior; I; I; I; he; you; oneself; oneself; self, ego;

Roles and status

master or husband; husband or man; wife; wife or lady; king; emperor or sovereign; Mikado or emperor; princess; princess; princess, queen; empress; earl, count; lord, marquis; noble rank; man or gentleman; honorable person; honorable man or Han person; boy, high-status man; great man; gentleman; courtesy title; leader; person in charge; supervisor; expert; intermediary; 使 messenger; doctor; friend; colleague; fellow, comrade; guest, customer; guest, VIP; neighbour; servant, fellow; underling; hermit;

Family relationships

family; family; name; father; mother; parent; wife, bride; daughter; younger brother; younger sister; older brother; older sister; grandfather; grandmother; ancestor; grandchild; aunt, uncle; aunt, uncle; nephew; niece; 婿 son-in-law, bridegroom; descendants; relatives; marry; matrimony; legitimate wife/family; widow;


country; company; group; faction, group; association, assemble; flock, crowd



body; body; flesh; blood; vein; muscles; bone; marrow; joint; skin; skin; skin; wrinkle; gland;

Head and neck

head; brain; hair; face; beard; forehead; ear; eye; eyeball; eyebrow; pupil; nose; jaw; mouth; lips; tooth; tongue; cheek; chin; throat; throat; neck;

Torso and organs

torso; back; backbone; backbone; backbone; rib; chest; stomach; stomach; navel; waist; entrails; intestines; heart; lung; liver; pancreas; kidney; gall bladder; anus; vagina;

Arms and legs

limb; arm; shoulder; armpit; elbow; hand; fist; finger; nail; palm; buttocks; thighs; leg; leg, foot; knee; ankle; heel;

Body functions

sweat; tear; tear; saliva; sperm; 尿 urine; 便 faeces; foetus; pregnant; pregnant; birth; give birth; suckle; breath; sleep; sleep; sleep; dream

Health, illness, medicine

life; death; healthy; healthy; strength; illness; disease; disease; sick; epidemic; corpse; pain; tired; rest; weight loss; ulcer; pox; diarrhoea; cancer; wound; scar; medicine, doctor; heal; heal; cure; medicine; pill; drug;

Gestures and sports

stand up; run; sit; jump; walk; swim; stop

Emotions and senses


emotion; feeling, emotion; feeling, mood; love; love; adoration; reverence, adoration; respect; respect; affection, benevolence; hate; like; dislike; contempt; fear or anxiety; fear or anxiety; fear or anxiety; fear or anxiety; fear; apprehension; sadness; sadness or pity; sadness, anxiety; anxiety, annoyance; melancholy; melancholy; regret; regret; remorse; yearning; yearning, adoration; yearning; grief; resentment; resentment; indignation, resentment; loneliness; fun; fun; fun; happiness; happiness; joy; joy; joy; joy; pleasure; laughter; doubt or suspicion; doubt; confusion; confusion; bewilderment; disconcertion; surprise; desire; anger; violent excitement; violent rage; indignation; pride; shame; shame; envy; envy; envy;


see; hear; listen; sound; quiet; taste, flavour; bitter; pungent; touch, feel; smell; fragrant; fragrant; pleasant smell; bad smell; blind;


think; think; correct; good; good; bad; reason

Food and drink

See also Animals and Plants

eat, meal; drink; rice; cooked rice, meal; rice cake; wheat or barley; grain; cereal; ear of grain; fruit; fruit; vegetable; bean; noodles; potato; flour; egg; sugar; meat; milk; dairy products; honey; confectionery; chestnut; alcoholic drink; sake; serve alcohol; vinegar; pickle; juice, soup; tea; cook; bake; roast, boil; steam; brew; fry; bowl of food; chopsticks; sushi;

Man-made structures and artefacts

Towns, cities, buildings, structures, roads

village; town; city; capital city; metropolis; capital; street, city district; build; house; home; roof, house, shop; shop; villa; pavilion; garden; lawn, turf; garden, courtyard; room; room; corridor; wall; door; door; window; shelf; gate; fence; wall, fence; fence; dormitory; storehouse; storage room; warehouse; building; public building; imposing building; palace; 殿 hall, palace; hall; tower; tower; castle; base, fort; prison; 宿 inn; station; harbour; harbour; bridge; monument; wooden structure; beam, column; pillar; ridgepole; podium; pedestal; well; fireplace, hearth; path or road; path or road; way, route; fork in the road; crossroads;

Vehicles and machines

vehicle, wheel; axle; machine; contraption; boat; boat; small boat; oceangoing ship; side of a ship; ride, board; board, load; power

Clothing and textiles

cloth; cloth, towel; garment; clothes; attire; silk; sleeve; hem, cuff; collar; belt; shoes; footwear; hat; wear; thread; sew; weave; spin (yarn); 綿 cotton; brocade;

Miscellaneous manufactured items

article; vessel; bowl; bowl; cup; pot; kettle; plate, dish; board, plate; disk, board; basin, tray; bottle, jar; tin can; chopsticks; lid; stopper, plug; table; chair; desk; bed; tray, small table; box; lamp; bag; straw sack, bag; basket; fan; pillow; curtain; sail; tatami mat; umbrella; porcelain; pottery; tile; paper; paper; leather; paint; lacquer; rod; fibre; net; cord; rope; rope; string; needle; sickle; pipe; tank; chain; skewer; tool; key; lock; bell; bell; casting; mirror; coffin; stove, kiln; millstone, mortar; spindle, plumb; hinge, pivot; axe; fish hook;

Human activities

Money and commerce

money or gold; coin; banknote; yen; currency; wealth; rich; buy; purchase; sell; business, industry; trade; 貿 trade; marketing; wholesale; pay; cowry (ancient Chinese currency); goods, property; treasure, wealth; product; manufacture; price; price; expensive; cheap; cheap; capital; fee or wages; fee; expense; management; employment; work; work, earn; salary; salary; recompense; debt, bond; savings; tax; tax; levy, instalment; bribe; bribe; gamble;

Culture, arts, music, learning

art; picture, painting; picture; music; musical composition; song; song, noh chant; song; harmony; cithare, harp; flute; drum; clap, beat (music); tune, melody; poetry; recite poetry; haiku; drama, play; festival; school; study, school; student; private school; faculty; teach; study, research; study, research; know; graduate; Confucianism;

Language, communication

language; say; speak; voice; tell; discuss; ask; question; answer; recite; read; write; book; text; map, diagram; writing, brush; character; word; words; phrase; written record; publish; document, journal; obituary; message; inform; explain; topic; express; transmit; discourse; lecture; proclaim

Religion, supernatural world

god; religion, sect; religion; sacred; pray; Buddha; Buddhist temple; Buddhist priest; Buddhist nun; Zen; Shinto shrine; temple; temple visit; shrine; sect; soul; spirit; demon, witch; ghost, devil; phantom, apparition; dragon;

Chinese-Japanese signs of zodiac

The four trines of the Chinese-Japanese horoscope:
A. 01. 鼠 (子) Rat - 05. 龍 (辰) Dragon - 09. 猴 (申) Monkey ; B. 02. 牛 (丑) Ox - 06. 蛇 (巳) Snake - 10. 雞 / 鷄 (酉) Rooster
C. 03. 虎 (寅) Tiger - 07. 馬 (午) Horse - 11. 狗 (戌) Dog ; D. 04. 兔 (卯) Rabbit - 08. 羊 (未) Goat - 12. 豬 (亥) China: Pig Japan: Boar

Note that in Japan the new sign of zodiac starts on January 01, while in China it starts, according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, at the new moon that falls between January 21 and February 20, so that persons born in January or February may have two different signs in the two countries.

War, fighting, weapons

military; battle; battle; enemy; attack; slash; attack or punish; kill; attack; attack; beat, assault; beat, attack; shoot at; raid; conquer; soldier; sword or katana; halberd; spear; sword; cut with a sword; shield; armour; samurai; ninja or shinobi; spy; bow; arrow; gun; gun or cannon; commander; sergeant; military officer; troops; corps; squad, corps; battle formation, camp; barracks; bomb; bullet; warship;

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