List of airliners by maximum takeoff weight

This is a list of aircraft sorted by maximum takeoff weight.

Airplanes Weight

MTOW = Maximum take-off weight, MLW = Maximum landing weight, TOR = Take-off run (SL, ISA+15°, MTOW), LR = Landing run (SL, ISA+15°, MLW)

Type MTOW [pounds] MLW [metric tons] TOR [m] LR [m] ICAO category FAA category
Antonov An-2251,410,958591.73500 Heavy Super
Airbus A380-800F[1][2]1,300,000427 Heavy Super
Airbus A380-800[2][3]1,200,00039129002050 Heavy Super
Boeing 747-8987,000306.175 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 747-400ER910,000295.7423090 Heavy Heavy
Antonov An-124-100M893,0003302520900 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 747-400875,000295.74230182179 Heavy Heavy
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy[4][5][6]840,000288.41725301494 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 747-200833,000285.76433382109 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 747-300833,000260.3732221905 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A340-500[7]820,00024030502010 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A340-600[7]810,00025631002100 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 777-300ER775,000251.293200 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 777F766,800260.816 2830 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 777-200LR766,000223.168 2800 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 747-100735,000 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 777-300660,000237.6833380 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A350-1000679,000233.5 Heavy Heavy
McDonnell Douglas MD-11602,50018529901890 Heavy Heavy
Ilyushin Il-96M595,000195.0431152118 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A350-900591,00017526701860 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A340-200[7][8]558,9681812990 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 777-200545,000208.6624501550 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A350-800571,000193 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A340-300[7][9]610,00019030001926 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 787-9553,0001932900 Heavy Heavy
Lockheed L-1011-500510,000166.922636 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A330-300[10]467,46018525001750 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A330-200[10]507,15018022201750 Heavy Heavy
Lockheed L-1011-200466,000 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 787-8[11] 502,500 172 3300 1695 Heavy Heavy
Ilyushin IL-96-300551,00017526001980 Heavy Heavy
Ilyushin IL-86458,560175 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 767-400ER450,000158.7583414 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 767-300ER412,000136.0827131676 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A300-600R[12]379,00014023851555 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A300-600[12]360,00013823241536 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A310-300[12]346,12612422901490 Heavy Heavy
the Concorde408,000 [13] Heavy Heavy
Boeing 767-300350,000136.07827131676 Heavy Heavy
Vickers VC10 334,878 151.9 Heavy Large
Airbus A310-200[12]312,34212318601480 Heavy Heavy
Airbus A400M310,852122980770 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 757-300272,500101.625501750 Medium Large
Tupolev Tu-154M230,00080 Medium Large
Boeing 757-200255,00089.923471555 Medium Large
Tupolev Tu-204SM230,00087.52250 Medium Large
Airbus A321-100[14]182,98377.822001540 Medium Large
Boeing 737-900ER187,70071.3528041829 Medium Large
Boeing 737-900187,70066.3625001704 Medium Large
Boeing 737-800174,20065.3223081634 Medium Large
Airbus A319[14]141,09062.518501470 Medium Large
Airbus A320-100[14]149,9406619551490 Medium Large
McDonnell-Douglas MD-83160,00063.28 Medium Large
Boeing 737-700154,50058.0619211415 Medium Large
McDonnell-Douglas MD-90-30156,00064.4121651520 Medium Large
Airbus A318[14]130,07157.513751340 Medium Large
Bombardier CS300144,00057.6118901494    
Boeing 737-600145,50054.6617961340 Medium Large
Boeing 737-400149,71054.925401540 Medium Large
Bombardier CS100130,00050.8014631356    
Boeing 737-300138,50051.719391396 Medium Large
Boeing 717-200HGW121,00047.1741950 Medium Large
Boeing 737-500133,21049.918321360 Medium Large
Embraer 190[15]105,3594320561323 Medium Large
Boeing 717-200BGW110,00046.2651950 Medium Large
Fokker 100101,00039.95 Medium Large
Avro RJ-8593,00036.74 Medium Large
Embraer 175[16]82,67332.822441304 Medium Large
Embraer 170[17]79,30032.816441274 Medium Large
Bombardier CRJ900[18]80,50033.34517781596 Medium Large
Bombardier CRJ70072,75030.3915641478 Medium Large
Bombardier Q40061,70028.0112191295 Medium Large
Saab 200050,26521.51300 Medium Large
Bombardier CRJ20051,00021.31919181479 Medium Large
Embraer ERJ 14548,50119.322701380 Medium Large
ATR 42-50041,00518.311651126 Medium Large
ATR 72-60050,26522.351333914 Medium Large
Vickers Viscount 800 67,005 Medium Large
Douglas DC-4 73,000 Medium Large
Douglas DC-6 97,200 Medium Large
Douglas DC-6A 107,200 Medium Large
Douglas DC-6B 107,000 Medium Large
Douglas DC-7 122,000 Medium Large
Douglas DC-8-32 310,000 Heavy Heavy
Douglas DC-8-51 276,000 Medium Large
Douglas DC-8-61 325,000 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 377 148,000 Medium Large
Boeing 707-120B 257,000 Medium Large
Boeing 707-320B 333,600 Heavy Heavy
Boeing 720B 234,000[19] Medium Large
Boeing 727-100 170,000 Medium Large
Boeing 727-200 184,800 Medium Large
Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E 142,500 Medium Large
Caravelle III 101,413 [20] Medium Large
de Havilland Comet 1 110,000 Medium Large
de Havilland Comet 2 120,000 Medium Large
de Havilland Comet 3 150,000 Medium Large
de Havilland Comet 4 156,000 Medium Large
de Havilland Hercules 15,600 Medium Small
Handley Page Hermes 86,000 Medium Large
Convair 880 193,000 Medium Large


MTOW = Maximum take-off weight

Type MTOW [pounds] MTOW [kg] Power output [kW] Power to weight [W/kg] Rotor diameter [m]
Mil Mi-12[21]231485105000192001822 x 35
Mil Mi-26[22]123459560004101731 x 32
Sikorsky CH-53E[23]735003330098102941 x 24
Boeing CH-47D/F Chinook[24]500002268070583112 x 18.3
AgustaWestland AW101[25]34,3921460046983211 x 18.59
Sikorsky S-92[26]265001202037583121 x 17.17
Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight[27]243001100028002542 x 15.24
AeroVelo Atlas (human powered)2821281.18.54 x 20.2


MTOW = Maximum take-off weight

Type MTOW [kg] Power output [kW] Power to weight [W/kg] Rotor diameter [m]
Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey2744561502242 x 11.58
Bell-Agusta BA609760014471902 x 7.92
Bell XV-15600911561922 x 7.62

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