List of Olympic venues in demonstration events

For the Olympic Games until the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona and 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, there have been demonstration or exhibition events that have occurred on various sports. Some of these sports later became Olympic sports such as basketball, canoeing, and short track speed skating. These are a list of other venues that hosted demonstration sports that did not become nor had never been official Olympic sports.

Summer Olympics

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Games Sport Venue Other sports hosted at venue during those games Capacity Ref.
1920 Antwerp Korfball Olympic Stadium Athletics, Equestrian, Field hockey, Football, Gymnastics, Modern pentathlon, Rugby union, Tug of war, Weightlifting 30,000 [1][2]
1928 Amsterdam Korfball Olympic Stadium Athletics, Cycling, (track), Equestrian, (jumping), Football, Gymnastics 33,025 [3]
1956 Melbourne Australian rules football Melbourne Cricket Ground Athletics, Field hockey (final) 104,000 [4]
1988 Seoul Bowling Royal Bowling Center None Not listed [5]
1992 Barcelona Rolley hockey Palau Blaugrana Judo, Taekwondo (demonstration) 6,400 [6]
Pavelló de l'Ateneu de Sant Sadurní None 1,300 [7]
Pavelló del Club Patí Vic None 1,700 [7]
Pavelló d'Esports de Reus None 3,000 [7]

Winter Olympics

Games Venue Sport Other sports hosted at venue for those games Capacity Ref.
1952 Oslo Bislett stadion Bandy Figure skating, Speed skating 29,000 [8]
Dæhlenenga Ice hockey Not listed [9]
1992 Albertville Les Arcs Speed skiing None Not listed [10]


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