Speed skiing at the 1992 Winter Olympics

Speed skiing was a demonstration sport at the 1992 Winter Olympics. The venue was in Les Arcs, about 60 km from the host city Albertville. Michael Prufer, a 31-year-old medical doctor from Savoie, improved his own 1988 world record by 5.558 km/h. Philippe Goitschel, the nephew of French ski champion Marielle Goitschel was second and the American Jeffrey Hamilton was third. The competition was, however, marred by the death of Nicolas Bochatay from Switzerland who died while free skiing the morning of the finals.

Tarja Mulari from Finland achieved a top speed of 219.245 km/h, breaking the previous women's world record of 214.723 km/h.

Men's event

1  Michael Prufer (FRA) 229.299
2  Philippe Goitschel (FRA) 228.717
3  Jeffrey Hamilton (USA) 226.700
4  Laurent Sistach (FRA) 225.000
5  Claude Basile (FRA) 223.464
6  Petr Kakes (TCH) 223.325
7  James Morgan (USA) 222.910
8  Franz Weber (AUT) 222.222
9  Silvano Meli (SUI) 222.085
10  John "C.J." Mueller (USA) 221.811

Women's event

1  Tarja Mulari (FIN) 219.245
2  Liss Pettersen (NOR) 212.892
3  Renata Kolarova (SUI) 210.526
4  Anna Morin (SWE) 209.790
5  Melissa Dimino-Simons (USA) 203.620
6  Lark Frolek (CAN) 195.865
7  Francoise Beguin (FRA) 195.972
8  Jacqueline Blanc (FRA) 199.115
9  Lisa Powell (NZL) 193.966
10  Kirsten Culver (USA) 193.548


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