Line of succession to the former throne of Kutch

The line of succession to the former throne of Kutch, one of the pre-eminent Indian salute principalities, was by male primogeniture. The ruler of Kutch (also Cutch State) was (and remains) the titular head of the Jadeja Rajput clan.[1]

  • Khengarji III, Maharao of Kutch (1866-1942)
    • Vijayrajji, Maharao of Kutch (1885-1948)
    • Maharaj Shri Godhsinhji Sahib (born 1888)
      • Maharaj Shri Jorawarsinhji Sahib (born 1914)
        • (6). Maharaj Shri Ghanshyamsinhji Sahib
          • (7). Rajkumar Shri Adityasinhji
        • (8). Maharaj Shri Raghurajsinhji Sahib
        • (9). Maharaj Shri Devendrasinhji Sahib
      • (10). Maharaj Shri Dilipsinhji Sahib (born 1927)
        • (11). Rajkumar Shri Devrajsinhji (born 1960)



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