Line of succession to the former Georgian throne

The Georgian royal family of the Bagrations practiced masculine primogeniture, legitimate sons and their descendants taking precedence over daughters and natural sons, and their descendants. Tamara the Great in 1184 was among the nation's earliest ruling queens and Tamara II, 560 years later in 1744, became the last.[1]

The claim to represent the royal legacy is asserted on behalf of both Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky and Prince David Bagrationi of Moukrani, representatives of the Gruzinsky and Mukhransky branches of the Bagrationi dynasty, respectively. Prince David's late father, Prince George Bagration-Mukhransky, was recognised by the Georgian government as head of the former royal house in 1991.[2] being the most senior legitimate descendant of the dynasty in the male line, but other prominent Georgians acknowledge the claim of Prince Nugzar, the seniormost descendant in legitimate male line of King George XII, the last Bagrationi to reign over the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti.

Order of succession

Line of Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky[3][4]

Male primogeniture

  1. Prince Evgeni Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 1947)
  2. Prince David Bagrationi-Mukhraneli
  3. Prince Giorgi Bagration-Bagrationi (b. 27.9.2011)
  4. Prince Irakli Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1972)
  5. Prince Gurami Ugo Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1985)
  6. Prince Bagrat Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1949)
  7. Prince Juan Jorge Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1977)

Male-preference cognatic primogeniture

  1. Princess Anna Nugzaris asuli Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. Tbilisi 1.11.1976)
  2. Prince Giorgi Bagration-Bagrationi (b. 27.9.2011)[5]
  3. Irina Bagrationi-Gruzinski (elder daughter of Anna by her first husband, Grigoriy Malania)*
  4. Miriam Bagrationi-Gruzinski (younger daughter of Anna and her first husband, Grigoriy Malania)*
  5. Princess Maya Nugzaris asuli Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. Tbilisi 2.1.1978)
  6. Themour Chichinadze (elder child of Maya and Nikoloz Chichinadze) *
  7. Anna Chichinadze (younger child of Maya and Nikoloz Chichinadze) *
  8. Princess Dali Petres asuli Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. Tbilisi 17.10.1939)
  9. Princess Mzevinar Petres asuli Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 15.9.1945)
  10. Prince Evgeni Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 1947)
  11. Princess Marina Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 1950)
  12. Princess Ekaterina Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 1956)

Line of Prince David Bagration-Mukhraneli

  1. Prince Giorgi Bagration-Bagrationi (b. 27.9.2011)
  2. Prince Irakli Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1972)
  3. Prince Gurami Ugo Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1985)
  4. Prince Bagrat Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1949)
  5. Prince Juan Jorge Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1977)
  6. Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky
  7. Prince Evgeni Bagration-Gruzinsky (b. 1947)
  8. Princess María Antonietta Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1969)
  9. Princess Inès Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1980)
  10. Princess Maria Bagration-Mukhranski (b. 1947)
  11. Princess Anna Nugzaris asuli Bagration-Gruzinsky

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