Lancashire County Council election, 1997

Elections to Lancashire County Council were held in May 1997 on the same day as the United Kingdom general election, 1997.



Seat Result Majority
Burnley Central East Labour 371
Burnley Central West Labour 2,230
Burnley North East Labour 3,112
Burnley Rural Labour 1,690
Burnley South West Labour 2,127
Burnley West Labour 2,293


Seat Winning Party Majority
Chorley East Labour 2,989
Chorley North Labour 1,062
Chorley Rural East Labour 60
Chorley Rural North Conservative 363
Chorley Rural West Labour 691
Chorley West Labour 2,862


Seat Winning Party Majority
Fylde East Conservative 1,509
Fylde West Conservative 1,633
Lytham Conservative 2,367
St Annes North Conservative 1,276
St Annes South Conservative 52


Accrington Central
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Doreen Pollit 2,880
Conservative SG Crook 1,453
Turnout 4,333
Labour hold Swing
Accrington South
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Wendy Dwyer 3,794
Conservative Derek Scholes 2,566
Liberal Democrat Tim Whitchelo 998
Turnout 7,358
Labour hold Swing
Church & Accrington North
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Jean Battle 4,601
Conservative AC Barter 2,405
Liberal Democrat Malcolm Pritchard 1,312
Turnout 8,318
Labour hold Swing
Great Harwood
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour George Slynn 2,824
Conservative Wyn Frankland 2,112
Liberal Democrat M Gradwell 1,076
Turnout 6.012
Labour hold Swing
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Dorothy Westell 4,871
Conservative Brian Walmsley 3,854
Turnout 8,725
Labour hold Swing
Rishton, Clayton & Altham
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Ian Ormerod 4,541
Conservative Rennie Pinder 3,367
Turnout 7,908
Labour hold Swing


Seat Winning Party Majority
Heysham Labour 1,600
Lancaster City Labour 1,531
Lancaster East Labour 3,006
Lancaster Rural Central Conservative 1,539
Lancaster Rural North Conservative 1,141
Lancaster Rural South Liberal Democrats 459
Morecambe East Labour 242
Morecambe West Labour 2,168
Skerton Labour 3,097


Seat Winning Party Majority
Colne Labour 197
Nelson Labour 1,569
Pendle East Liberal Democrats 213
Pendle North Liberal Democrats 1,083
Pendle South Labour 1,900
Pendle West Conservative 163


Seat Winning Party Majority
Preston Central East Labour 1,364
Preston Central West Labour 621
Preston East Labour 1,239
Preston North Liberal Democrats 52
Preston Rural East Conservative 1,992
Preston Rural West Liberal Democrats 697
Preston South East Labour 1,404
Preston South West Labour 1,095
Preston West Labour 440

Ribble Valley

Seat Winning Party Majority
Clitheroe Liberal Democrat 1,038
Longridge Conservative 1,120
Ribble Valley North East Conservative 1,369
Ribble Valley South West Conservative 1,296


Seat Winning Party Majority
Bacup Conservative 402
Haslingden Labour 80
Rossendale East Labour 809
Rossendale West Labour 545
Whitworth Labour 344

South Ribble

Seat Winning Party Majority
South Ribble Central Labour 771
South Ribble East Labour 787
South Ribble North Labour 377
South Ribble North West Conservative 854
South Ribble South Labour 560
South Ribble South West Labour 2,234
South Ribble West Conservative 1,094

West Lancashire

Seat Winning Party Majority
Ormskirk Labour 77
Skelmersdale Central Labour 2,522
Skelmersdale East Labour 1,725
Skelmersdale West Labour 2,868
West Lancashire East Conservative 138
West Lancashire North Conservative 1,491
West Lancashire South Conservative 877


Seat Winning Party Majority
Amounderness Conservative 801
Cleveleys Labour 47
Garstang Conservative 875
Hesketh Labour 668
Hillhouse Conservative 271
Marine Labour 281
Poulton-le-Fylde Conservative 930
Wyre Side Conservative 1,166


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