La Estrella Oeste

Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Founded 1983
Language Spanish
Headquarters Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

La Estrella Oeste and La Estrella Norte are two Spanish-language, regional newspapers based in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Both editions cover 36 towns of the western and northern areas of Puerto Rico.

As of 2006, La Estrella was the biggest regional newspaper, in terms of circulation, in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, with a combined weekly circulation of 117,000. La Estrella was the first regional newspaper to be audited in Puerto Rico by the Circulation Verification Council (CVC). La Estrella is distributed door to door across the 36 towns of the western and northern areas of Puerto Rico.

The newspaper was founded in 1983, and was intended to cover news and features from Puerto Rico’s western towns. Later in the 1980s, La Estrella Norte was founded to cover news and features about Puerto Rico’s northern towns.

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