Coordinates: 25°30′N 69°13′E / 25.50°N 69.22°E / 25.50; 69.22
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
Elevation 28 m (92 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 235

Khipro (Urdu: کھپرو, Sindhi :کپرو ) is a taluka, an administrative subdivision, of the Sanghar District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is largest taluka in Pakistan by area. From two sides it is connected to the major cities of Sanghar and Mirpurkhas, and remaining two side are connecting with the border of India. There is also a Government Degree College where the graduate and post-graduate classes are held under a Shaheed Benazirabad University affiliation. There are many private schools ,Govt Schools are working for the betterment of education.Roshan Tara Higher Secondry School Khipro is one of the oldest and best institution in khipro ( A Project Of SGA). Khipro includes a well-designed school "Pakistan Rangers Public School" which is run under the influence of "Pakistan Rangers". There are various private computrt academies. Moon Computer Academy is the one of famous computer academy in Gharibabad Khipro, which is established in May 2015. Shah Latif children academy hathungo of these..which is established in 2000.


A fine adaptation says that word "Khipro" is derived from the word "Khopra"(a kind of coconut), it is said that this place where this city is situated was full of coco trees. Older people say the name "Khipro" is taken from the name "Khiper" which was the name of a fisherman. It is a very old city, there are still many old places which belong to the time of British and before the British Era.


Khipro is biggest taluka of District Sanghar. In the beginning, it had an area of 14,45,602 acres out of which 11,09,129 acres were occupied by desert area. It had 125 dehs and 35 Tapas. Afterwards, taluka Sindhri was created and a big portion of taluka Khipro was merged in taluka Sindhri. Now taluka Khipro consist upon 78 dehs and 21 Tapas and is spread upon 13, 00,765 acres, having 11,09,129 acres desert land. Taluka Khipro is based on nine union councils in which three union councils are located in the desert.

The east side of taluka Khipro is along the Indian border.

Khipro is a basically an agriculture city, its major crops are cotton and red chillies.


The majority of the population are followers of Pir Sibghatulla Shah Rashidi, or Pir Pagara, Makhdoom of Hala and Pir of Multan. Followers of Pir Sibghtullah shah was been fight against British government in Sindh, that Group was first in Sindh those fight for freedom on order of their spiritual leader, Khipro also knows for Hub of freedom fighter those are famous with name of HUR. The culture of the city is a mix of Hindu and Muslim communities where 52 percent of the peoples are Muslim and remaining 48 percent are Hindu and Christian. Most of the Muslims belong to the Shar, Rind Lohar, Mallah, Kumbhar, Bhatti, Rajput, Shaikh, Arain, Gajju, Jatt, Bozdar, Laghari, Rajar, Sodha(Thakur), Choudhari (Jaat), Hingoro, Mahar, Dars, Junejo, Hingorjo ,Ghulam Murtaza hingorjo is famous personality and KaimKhani communities; and most of the Hindu belong to the Goswami, Oad, Lohana, Khatri, Malhi, Bheel, Kolhi, Guriro and Kachhi communities.

It is also famous and word Khipro is derived from word Khip (it is herbal tree) there was a jungle of Khip where people sit and used to travel for different routes, i.e. Khahi (town), Dhilyar (town)and Hathungo {khooh gapni} (town) and also to Achhro Thar and Jessalmer.

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