John Lambrick Vivian

Lieutenant-Colonel John Lambrick Vivian (1830-1896[1]) Inspector of Militia and Her Majesty's Superintendent of Police and Police Magistrate for St Kitts, West Indies, was a genealogist and historian who edited editions of the Heraldic Visitations of Devon and of Cornwall,[2] standard reference works for historians of these two counties. Both works contain an extensive pedigree of the Vivian family of Devon and Cornwall (see Vivian family), produced largely as a result of his own researches.


He was the only son of John Vivian (1791-1872) of Rosehill, Camborne, Cornwall by his wife Mary Lambrick (1794-1872), eldest daughter of John Lambrick (1762-1798) of Erisey, Ruan Major, and co-heiress of her infant brother John Lambrick (1798-1799).[3] His maternal grandmother was Mary Hammill, eldest daughter of Peter Hammill (d.1799) of Trelissick in Sithney, Cornwall, the ancestry of which family he traced back to the holders of the 13th century French title Comte de Hamel, descended from the Chatelains de Peronne who themselves were descended from the Kings of Denmark. He stated himself to be the senior representative of the family of Hamel.[4]


Visitations of Cornwall

1874 edition

1887 edition

Visitations of Devon

1895 edition

Other works


His residence in 1882 was 7 Clifton Road, Camden Square, London NW.[8]



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