John Francis Desideratus, Prince of Nassau-Siegen

John Francis Desideratus, Prince of Nassau-Siegen

John Francis Desideratus of Nassau-Siegen
Spouse(s) Johanna Claudia of Königsegg-Rotenfels-Aulendorf
Eleonore Sophie of Baden
Isabella Clara du Puget de la Serre
Noble family House of Nassau
Father John VIII of Nassau-Siegen
Mother Ernestine Yolande de Ligne d'Amblise
Born (1627-07-28)28 July 1627
Died 17 December 1699(1699-12-17) (aged 72)

John Francis Desideratus (July 28, 1627 in Nozeroy December 17, 1699 in Roermond) was count of Nassau-Siegen and stadtholder of Limburg and Upper Guelders.


John Francis Desideratus was the only son of Count John VIII of Nassau-Siegen, who had converted to Catholicism, and Ernestine Yolande de Ligne d'Amblise. He succeeded his father in 1638 as count of Nassau-Siegen, but had to cede a part of the County to the Protestant branch of the family in 1648. He kept fighting his Protestant neighbours and suppressing the Calvinists in his territory. His reign was marked by bad management and debts.

Like his father, John Francis Desideratus was a general in Spanish service. In 1652, he was elevated to Imperial Prince and became a Lord in the Order of the Golden Fleece. In 1661, he was promoted to Knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece. From 1665 to 1684, he was Spanish stadtholder of Limburg and from 1680 to 1699 also of Upper Guelders. He lived a large part of his life in Roermond, where he died in 1699. At his death he was succeeded by his eldest surviving son William Hyacinth.

Marriages and children

John Francis Desideratus married 3 times:

In Vienna on 14 May 1651 he married Countess Johanna Claudia of Königsegg-Rotenfels-Aulendorf (23 August 1632 - 28 November 1663), Lady-in-waiting of Empress Eleonora Gonzaga during 1648-1651. They had ten children:

In Rodemachern 31 May 1665 he married Margravine Marie Eleonore Sophie of Baden-Baden in Rodemachern (1641 – 19 April 1668). They had four children:

In Brussels on 9 February 1669 he married Baroness Isabella Clara du Puget de la Serre (1651 - 19 October 1714). They had ten children:



John Francis Desideratus, Prince of Nassau-Siegen
Born: 28 July 1627 Died: 17 December 1699
Preceded by
Count of Nassau-Siegen
From 1652 Prince

Succeeded by
William Hyacinth
as Prince of Nassau-Siegen
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