Maurice Henry, Prince of Nassau-Hadamar

Maurice Henry, Prince of Nassau-Hadamar

Maurcie Henry's coffin in the princely crypt in Hadamar
Spouse(s) Ernestine Charlotte of Nassau-Siegen
Maria Leopoldine of Nassau-Siegen
Anna Louise of Manderscheid-Blankenheim
Noble family House of Nassau
Father John Louis, Prince of Nassau-Hadamar
Mother Ursula of Lippe-Detmold
Born (1626-04-23)23 April 1626
Died 24 January 1679(1679-01-24) (aged 52)
Buried Franciscan Church in Hadamar

Maurice Henry, Prince of Nassau-Hadamar (23 April 1626 in Hadamar – 24 January 1679 in Hadamar) was — after his father — the second ruler of the younger Nassau-Hadamar line of the Ottonian branch of the House of Nassau.


Maurice Henry was born on 23 April 1626 in Hadamar as the son of Prince John Louis of Nassau-Hadamar and his wife Ursula, the daughter of Count Simon "the Elder" of Lippe-Detmold.

Construction policies

Maurice Henry continued the development of the city of Hadamar his father had begun. He was particularly involved in the development of the infrastructure, civile order, public health, and social services. Unlike his father, he did not influence neighbouring principalities.

On 17 July 1663, he officially continued the construction of the St. Elisabeth Hospital at the Upper Market Square, for which his father had laid the foundation. The building was completed on 21 November 1663.


After his father had converted to Catholicism, Maurice Henry was raised as a Catholic and he supported the Counter-Reformation in Hadamar. He was also responsible for the construction, between 1658 and 1666, of the Franciscan church at the spot where the church of St. Giles had been demolished. The princely family owned a crypt below the choir of this church; the first burial there took place in May 1661.

In the second half of 1675, he built the octagonal Herzenberg chapel, which later became the choir of the Herzenberg church.

Marriages and Issue

Maurice Henry married three times and was the father of 13 children.

His first marriage was on 30 January 1650 in Siegen with his cousin Ernestine Charlotte (23 October 1623 – 15 August 1668 in Hadamar), the daughter of Count John VIII of Nassau-Siegen. They had the following children:

His second marriage was on 12 August 1669 in Siegen with Maria Leopoldine (1652 – 27 June 1675). She was a daughter of Count John Francis Desideratus of Nassau-Siegen and a niece of his first wife. They had the following children:

His third marriage was on 24 October 1675 in Hachenburg with Anna Louise (11 April 1654 in Hachenburg – 23 April 1692 in Hadamar), the eldest daughter of Count Salentin Ernest of Manderscheid-Blankenheim. They had the following children:



Maurice Henry, Prince of Nassau-Hadamar
Born: 23 April 1626 Died: 24 January 1679
Preceded by
John Louis
Prince of Nassau-Hadamar
Succeeded by
Francis Alexander
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