Igor Troubetzkoy

This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Nikolkayevich and the family name is Troubetzkoy.
Igor Troubetzkoy and Clemente Biondetti winning Targa Florio on Sicily (April 3, 1948) in a Ferrari 166 S C (#001S).[1]

Prince Igor Nikolayevich Troubetzkoy (Russian: Игорь Николаевич Трубецкой; 23 August 1912, Paris, – 20 December 2008, Nice) was a French aristocrat and athlete of Lithuanian descent.[2]

He was member of the princely Trubetskoy family, son of Prince Nikolai Nikolaievich Troubetzkoy (1867–1949) and the countess Jekaterina Mikhailovna Mussin-Pushkin (1884–1972).[3] His brother, Youcca Troubetzkoy (1905–92), was an actor in French film during the 1920s and 1930s.

Being a good skier and athlete (cycling) in younger years, Igor started automobile racing in 1947 in a Simca-Gordini, taking a bronze at the Coupe de l'Agaci (Oct 26, 1947).[4]

With count Bruno Sterzi he started the Scuderia Inter racing team in 1947 and bought three Ferrari 166 S, among the first cars made by Ferrari:[5]

He retired from racing due to an accident at Circuit d'Albi (Aug 29, 1948).[9] Sterzi had left the Scuderia and it ceased to exist, but the name was used for Ferrari 166 Inter, the company's first Grand Touring car.

He was married to American heiress Barbara Hutton (1912–79) in May 1947 and inspired her son Lance Reventlow (1936–72) to take up racing from an earlier marriage. After their divorce in 1951, Igor took up painting. In 1953, he fathered a son Arnaud Marie, who in the 1970s started Troubetzkoy Painings (Paris, New York City) that makes replica paintings.[10]


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