Youcca Troubetzkoy

Youcca Troubetzkoy
Born (1905-12-12)December 12, 1905
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Died April 22, 1992(1992-04-22) (aged 86)
Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.
Other names Youcca Troubetzkov
Nicolas Barclay
Occupation Actor
Years active 1924–1939

Youcca Troubetzkoy (Russian: Ю́рий Никола́евич Трубецко́й; December 12, 1905 – April 22, 1992), also credited as Youcca Troubetzkov and Nicolas Barclay, was a French-American actor.[1]

He was member of the princely Trubetskoy family, son of Prince Nikolai Nikolaievich Troubetzkoy (1867–1949) and the countess Jekaterina Mikhailovna Mussin-Pushkin (1884–1972).[2] His brother, Prince Igor Nikolayevich Troubetzkoy (1912–2008) became a race car driver.

Selected filmography

  1. La Brigade sauvage (1939) as Boris Mirski
  2. Serge Panine (1939) as Serge Panine
  3. La Loi du nord (1939) as Ellis
  4. Les Nuits moscovites aka Moscow Nights (1934) as Capitaine Alev
  5. Idylle au Caire (1933) as Périclès Pietro Cochino
  6. Cent mille francs pour un baiser (1933; as Nicolas Barclay)
  7. Abduct Me (1932) as Aga
  8. The Virtuous Sin (1930) as Capt. Sobakin
  9. Chasing Rainbows (1930) as Lanning
  10. His Glorious Night (1929) as Von Bergman
  11. Napoleon's Barber (1928) as French Officer
  12. The Beautiful Cheat (1926) as Herbert Dangerfield
  13. Flower of Night (1925) as John Basset
  14. Peacock Feathers (1925) as Lionel Clark

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