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The gorge of Hornád river in Slovak Paradise
Other name(s) Hernád
Country Slovakia, Hungary
Main source Kráľova hoľa hill
River mouth Sajó
47°59′25″N 20°55′47″E / 47.9903°N 20.9296°E / 47.9903; 20.9296 (Mouth of Hornád)Coordinates: 47°59′25″N 20°55′47″E / 47.9903°N 20.9296°E / 47.9903; 20.9296 (Mouth of Hornád)
Progression SajóTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
Physical characteristics
Length 286 km (178 mi)
The Hernád river at Gibárt, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, Hungary

Hornád (Slovak, pronounced [ˈɦornaːt]) or Hernád (Hungarian, pronounced [ˈhɛrnaːd]) is a river in eastern Slovakia and north-eastern Hungary.

It is a tributary to the river Slaná (Sajo). The source of the Hornád is the eastern slopes of Kráľova hoľa hill, southwest of Vikartovce.[1]

The river is 286 km long, with 178 km located in Slovakia, and the remaining 108 km in Hungary.[2]

Cities along its course are Spišská Nová Ves and Košice, both in Slovakia. It flows into the river Sajó (Slovak Slaná) southeast of Miskolc.[1]

Along the river are a series of 6 separate limestone rocky cliffs and steep slopes, which collectively make up the Site of Community Importance 'Hornádske vápence'.[3]


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