Hiroshi Yoshikawa

Hiroshi Yoshikawa
Native name 吉川 洋
Born (1951-06-30) June 30, 1951
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Institution Rissho University
University of Tokyo
Osaka University
State University of New York
Field Macroeconomics
Alma mater Yale University (Ph.D. 1978)
Tokyo University (B.A. 1974)
James Tobin[1]

Hiroshi Yoshikawa (吉川 洋 Yanaihara Hiroshi, born June 30, 1951) is a Japanese economist and professor of Rissho University.[2]

Yoshikawa was born in Tokyo.

He won the Nikkei Economic Book Award and the Suntory Award (1984), the Economist Award (1993) and the Yomiuri-Yoshino Sakuzo Award (2000).[3]

Selected Publications


Journal articles


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