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Hero Factory
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Availability 2010–2014
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Hero Factory (stylized as HERO FACTORY) was a line of construction toys created by the Lego Group marketed primarily at 6-to-16-year-olds. Premiering in the summer of 2010, the theme was created in response to the decision to close down production of the formerly-popular Lego construction theme Bionicle and acted as a successor.[1] In its legacy, Hero Factory utilized the building system implemented into Bionicle before going on to create its own. Hero Factory was discontinued after 2014 in favor of reviving Bionicle.

Story-wise, Hero Factory revolves around a team of robotic heroes (specifically the Alpha 1 Team) constructed in a factory of the same name that's objective is to fight crime across the galaxy and protect a similarly robotic populace. The Hero Factory is a towering skyscraper based in the fictional Makuhero City, located on a terraformed asteroid. New Heroes are constructed in the dozens everyday and trained from the ground up. Each Hero is unique thanks to their Quaza Core, a mineral stone which provides them with their own distinct personality.


2010 – Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

Von Nebula was once the rookie Hero Von Ness, though he defected the organization after fleeing during an important mission. Von Nebula, seeking to take revenge over the wrongs he believed were inflicted upon him, recruited a number of infamous criminals to his cause. XPlode and his maniacal ally, Rotor, attack a shipment of explosives. The Alpha 1 Team is dispatched to guard the shipment, with Furno observing. XPlode abandons Rotor when the battle goes in the Heroes' favor. Stormer then states that it's Furno's job to chain up Rotor. However, due to his inexperience, the criminal manages to escape. The failure of the mission and Stormer's words make Furno train very hard to become a better Hero. Eventually, XPlode and Rotor strike an explosives plant, and when Stormer is felled, Furno manages to apprehend Rotor.

Core Crisis

Bulk, Stringer and Surge are caught in a fight against the vicious Corroder. While Corroder traps Bulk under a load of girders meant for Surge, Breez is transporting injured construction workers to a medibot station and Furno and Stormer are waiting for core recharges. Corroder has easily gained the upper hand. The Heroes realize the best idea is to form a Hero Cell to protect themselves using their Hero Cores. The energy of their Hero Cores is near depletion, but they all agree it's a chance worth taking. No sooner does the shield go down due to lack of energy does Furno crash his Hero Pod into Corroder. However, he takes everyone by surprise when he appears unharmed, stating he used the ejector seat to get out before the ship crashed. Meanwhile, Breez has returned with an empty cargo ship, and Furno uses this to his advantage: he bluffs to Corroder and says that a squad of heroes is contained in Breez's ship. Corroder uses his acid weapons to create a smokescreen and escape.

The Enemy Within

Weeks later, a distress call comes in from Mekron City, where Stormer knows the Drax, the police chief. However, Chief Drax is acting strangely, and Meltdown appears, spraying Stormer with sludge. He is eventually corrupted by some nanobots inside the sludge and, after a fight with Stringer, Bulk and Furno, escapes the Hero Factory. Four of the Heroes then travel to a remote planet to acquire an antidote, while Furno finds Stormer and duels him. Furno makes Stormer realize his actions are wrong by comparing him to a rookie that went rogue, Von Ness, and Stormer shuts down. The Heroes finally cure him, and Stormer deduces that someone is plotting against them. Note: The televised episode contains a 'wanted' advert on a smashed screen with an unknown blue villain with the name Vapour, this is a nod to the Bulk vs Vapour limited edition collector's set

Von Nebula

The Alpha 1 Team is sent to investigate a strange disaster, and Stormer realizes it's a trap when Thunder and Corroder arrive. Stormer appears to be downed, and the rookies are sent in with new tools. As they arrive, so do XPlode and Meltdown. A black hole opens in the sky, and Furno and Stormer jump in to combat the villain they now know to be pulling the strings - a rookie Hero known formerly as Von Ness, now a villain Von Nebula. Von Nebula goes after Stormer, believing him to be the bigger threat, but Furno destroys the black hole and Von Nebula is sucked into his own Black Hole Orb Staff. Meanwhile, the remaining Heroes take out Von Nebula's thugs with their new tools. After returning to Makuhero City, the team is cornered by a reporter, and Stormer surprises everyone by referring to Furno by his name, something he had previously refused to do. The criminals were later imprisoned, and Von Nebula's Black Hole Orb Staff is put under heavy guard.

2011A – Ordeal of Fire

When Tanker Station 22 is attacked by the Fire villains, the workers send a message to Hero Factory. Concurrently, new heroes Nex and Evo are being presented by Mr. Makuro, who cautions that the upgrade process used to make the two Heroes is not ready to apply to existing Heroes yet. Alpha 1 arrive at the station and begin to fight with the attackers. Furno is ordered to go on reconnaissance, and discovers that the villains are drawing power from the fuel. Breez manages to save the workers by transporting them via Drop Ship while Fire Lord is distracted by Stormer and Furno. Stormer orders the team to retreat, but they are blocked off from the Hero Craft by the villains. Surge breaks away from the others and the villains chase after him. Back at the Hero Factory, Alpha 1 convince Makuro to upgrade them, and head back to the refueling station. During the fight, Furno requests back up from Zib, who sends Nex and Evo. Nitroblast and Drilldozer are subdued, but Fire Lord flees to absorb more fuel. As the Heroes close in, a ship ejects Jetbug and knocks Fire Lord away. Stormer apprehends Fire Lord, and Surge jumps out of the ship, telling the others how he took control of the ship. When they return to Hero Factory, Surge is upgraded and commended for his actions.

2011B – Savage Planet

In the summer storyline, new rookie Hero Rocka is sent to find civilian Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on Quatros. Rocka arrives on the planet, but he cannot find Witch. Rocka is confronted by a Fangz, but is incapable of defeating it and is knocked unconscious. When Rocka is reported missing, the Alpha 1 Team is equipped with animal-based equipment and sent to find him. The team discovers that Aldous Witch has turned into the Witch Doctor and has taken Rocka hostage. The Heroes, with the information given by Professor Zib, conclude that the excessive mining of the Quaza has made the planet unstable, destroying it from its core. They find an ancient transportation unit that could be used to instantly transport them to the central mine that leads to the core of the planet. Nex concludes that it would only be able to transport three Heroes. Stormer, Rocka, and Bulk enter the teleport, but are shrunken in size. Furno, Nex, Stringer go through the jungle but are attacked by Scorpio on the trek. As they are being attacked, Witch watches through his staff and revels in his certain victory.

Rocka's group arrived at the central mine via the transportation unit, where Witch Doctor had been mining the Quaza. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that is mined. Witch abuses the beast and controls his mind with his Skull Staff and the corrupted Quaza spike. Witch Doctor finds the Heroes and traps Bulk and Rocka in the box he was using to carry the Quaza stones. They begin by freeing the enslaved Raw-Jaw from the corrupted Quaza and Witch Doctor. Rocka, who has since received a modification giving him larger, more resilient armor and a stronger double-claw combo tool, approaches Witch. The two duel with seemingly even power, but Witch Doctor downs Rocka. As Aldous prepares to finish off Rocka, Stormer breaks his Skull Staff, rendering his powers useless. Furno and Bulk successfully return the Quaza to the core of the planet, restoring it to its former state.

2012 – Breakout

An unprecedented jailbreak occurs in the Hero Factory, releasing every known captive villain into the world, leaving them spreading chaos and destruction all across the galaxy. It is revealed that the villainous Black Phantom is behind the prison break, and that it was merely a distraction for the Heroes, so he could attempt to destroy Hero Factory's Assembly Tower while they were recapturing the escapees. Evo, Surge, Furno, Stringer and Stormer are sent on missions to catch and cuff the villains, while Rocka (part of a different recon team) remains at Hero Factory to stop Black Phantom, who already has the mission managers neutralized.

The situation worsens in various other star systems, where the Heroes are getting defeated. However, they all manage to capture and cuff the escaped villains. Rocka is told of the situation by Zib before Black Phantom deactivates all the mission managers. Managing to down the failsafe shields Black Phantom put around Hero Factory, Rocka joins the returned heroes to combat Black Phantom. Catching him in the Assembly Tower, Rocka overloads Black Phantom's systems, allowing them to capture him. With order restored in Hero Factory, Zib informs Alpha 1 and Makuro that Black Phantom sent the building's structural plans to an unknown source.

Later into the recapture effort, Alpha 1 was reunited for a secret mission, which ended with the apparent death of escapee Core Hunter. Breez eventually captured Thornaxx in a tough fight, bringing him to Hero Factory. Major criminals have been captured and Furno and Bulk have improved the prison defenses. Minor criminals continue to be captured by law enforcement.

2013 – Brain Attack

Brains, launched by an unknown mastermind, are sent to the Makuhero planet, where they infect and possess numerous native creatures. These creatures band together to form an invading army, and launch an attack on Makuhero City. The Heroes, in the midst of a publicity event celebrating their accomplishments for Mission: Catch 'Em and Cuff 'Em, are sent to the Factory to receive upgrades. Furno is made commander for the mission, and directs numerous teams in an attempt to defeat the brains. Rocka takes on an enormous dragon using a new jetpack, while Surge is possessed by a brain, and uses the Assembly Tower to create an army of soulless Hero drones. Working together, Alpha 1 manage to release all the creatures and Surge from control of the brains, and defeat the drones. In the cleanup of the battle, more brains are discovered to be lurking underneath the Factory in the tunnels created by Dragon Bolt's infiltration.

2014 – Invasion from Below

In the city of Antropolis, a drill of a Metro Line project reveals strange creatures from within the planet that abduct the crew. Hero Factory sends in Evo to investigate, which leads to an attack on the city by giant beasts. Their objective: capture the civilians to feed them to their queen. Alpha Team is flown in to stop the monsters by building giant mechs. Breez discovers that the monsters communicate with each other, while Stormer and Furno get kidnapped. The remaining heroes build more mechs to explore the underground tunnel. After much exploration, they arrive to the center and discover the queen monster, which proceeds to call more monsters to her aid. Surrounded, Breez talks to the queen and convinces her to free the other heroes and let them all leave. They escape to the surface and the tunnel is resealed, keeping the monsters inside. Little did team Alpha know there was a cocoon on their ship




Von Nebula´s Gang

  • Von Nebula - Formerly Von Ness, a Hero gone rogue on a mission to destroy Hero Factory.
  • XPlode - An exceedingly rich criminal-for-hire, who works jobs based on the danger level.
  • Meltdown - A psychopathic scientist, skilled in the use of chemicals.
  • Corroder - Conniving henchbot who seeks to challenge the status quo, capable of spraying acid.
  • Thunder - A strong, but dimwitted criminal who bears a massive crushing claw.
  • Rotor - Notorious criminal, a twisted lackey of Von Nebula, equipped with a large propeller on his back for flight and combat.
  • Vapour - One of Von Nebula's recruits, with a penchant for using gaseous based weaponry.

Fire Villains

  • Fire Lord - A mining bot who went insane, and began a megalomaniacal plot to steal all sources of Hero fuel.
  • Nitroblast - A smart and devoted member in the Fire Lord's gang.
  • Jetbug - Insane henchbot of Fire Lord's, noted for his constant giggling.
  • Drilldozer - A huge but dimwitted strong member of Fire Lord's group.

Legion of Darkness

  • Black Phantom - A powerful villain who planned to destroy the Hero Factory's Assembly Tower and planned the Factory Breakout.
  • Toxic Reapa - Criminal from the jungle planet Z'chaya.
  • Jawblade - An aquatic shark villain hailing from the planet Scylla.
  • Splitface - A schizophrenic criminal with a split personality.
  • Thornraxx - An aggressive insectoid from a hive planet.
  • Voltix - A cunning, electricity wielding villain who initiated the Hero Factory villain breakout.
  • XT4 - A crazed worker bot from the planet Mechna.
  • Speeda Demon - An insane villain equipped with a nitro-rocket bike.


  • Brains - Organic creatures with an imperative to destroy the Hero Factory, capable of possessing other creatures.
  • Pyrox - Once a small bull creature, turned fiery minotaur controlled by a Brain.
  • Ogrum - A plant ogre under the control of the Brains.
  • Bruizer - A rock monster possessed by a Brain.
  • Scarox - Formerly a Dune Crawler, transformed into venomous creature under the direction of the Brains.
  • Aquagon - An aquatic creature transformed into a hostile invader by a Brain.
  • Frost Beast - Snow creature transformed by the Brains into an icy villain.
  • Dragon Bolt - An electric dragon, controlled by a Brain.


  • Jumpers - Insect-like creatures that live under the city of Antropolis.
  • Jaw Beast - One of the Beasts from under Antropolis that has a big jaw and menacing pincers.
  • Flyer Beast - One of the Beasts that can fly and uses a tower and a claw as weapons.
  • Splitter Beast - A Beast that can split in two. It carries a lamp post as a weapon and uses its plasma claws to attack.
  • Tunneler Beast - A Beast who can tunnel its way through the ground with its acid talon.
  • Crystal Beast - One of the Beasts that stands guard inside the Jumper's crystal cave.
  • Queen Beast - The ruler of the Jumpers, who defends her nest inside a giant cave deep underneath Antropolis.

Other Villains

  • Witch Doctor - Once a Hero Factory instructor obsessed with Quaza, transformed into an evil tyrant who took control of the wildlife of the planet Quatros for his own evil schemes and attempted to destroy it.
  • Core Hunter - A cruel villain and former Hero who hunts Heroes for their cores.

Set information

Set No. Set Release Pieces Type Ref.
2063 Stormer 2.0 2011 31 Hero [2]
2065 Furno 2.0 2011 30 Hero [2]
2067 Evo 2.0 2011 31 Hero [2]
2068 Nex 2.0 2011 31 Hero [2]
2141 Surge 2.0 2011 30 Hero [2]
2142 Breez 2.0 2011 29 Hero [2]
2143 Rocka 3.0 2011 30 Hero [2]
2144 Nex 3.0 2011 29 Hero [2]
2145 Stormer 3.0 2011 31 Hero [2]
2182 Bulk 3.0 2011 30 Hero [2]
2183 Stringer 3.0 2011 30 Hero [2]
2191 Furno 3.0 2011 28 Hero [2]
2192 Drilldozer 2011 61 Villain [2]
2193 Jetbug 2011 63 Villain [2]
2194 Nitroblast 2011 57 Villain [2]
2231 Waspix 2011 48 Beast [2]
2232 Raw-Jaw 2011 52 Beast [2]
2233 Fangz 2011 55 Beast [2]
2235 Fire Lord 2011 125 Villain [2]
2236 Scorpio 2011 104 Beast [2]
2282 Rocka XL 2011 174 Hero [2]
2283 Witch Doctor 2011 331 Villain [2]
6200 Evo 2012 36 Hero [2]
6201 Toxic Reapa 2012 42 Villain [2]
6202 Rocka 2012 55 Hero [2]
6203 Black Phantom 2012 124 Villain [2]
6216 Jawblade 2012 45 Villain [2]
6217 Surge 2012 39 Hero [2]
6218 Splitface 2012 50 Villain [2]
6221 Nex Template:TV None 39 Hero [2]
6222 Core Hunter Template:TV None 51 Villain [2]
6223 Bulk Template:TV None 61 Hero [2]
6227 Breez Template:TV None 54 Hero [2]
6228 Thornraxx Template:TV None 44 Villain [2]
6229 XT4 Template:TV None 39 Villain [2]
6230 Stormer XL 2012 89 Hero [2]
6231 Speeda Demon 2012 192 Villain [2]
6282 Stringer 2012 42 Hero [2]
6283 Voltix 2012 61 Villain [2]

Set No. Set Release Pieces Type Ref.
6293 Furno 2012 56 Hero [2]
7145 Von Nebula 2010 156 Villain [2]
7147 XPlode 2010 45 Villain [2]
7148 Meltdown 2010 50 Villain [2]
7156 Corroder 2010 40 Villain [2]
7157 Thunder 2010 47 Villain [2]
7158 Furno Bike 2010 165 Vehicle [2]
7160 Drop Ship 2010 390 Vehicle [2]
7162 Rotor 2010 145 Villain [2]
7164 Preston Stormer 2010 17 Hero [2]
7165 Natalie Breez 2010 19 Hero [2]
7167 William Furno 2010 19 Hero [2]
7168 Dunkan Bulk 2010 17 Hero [2]
7169 Mark Surge 2010 19 Hero [2]
7170 Jimi Stringer 2010 17 Hero [2]
7179 Bulk & Vapour Template:TV None 89 Hero & Villain [2]
44000 Furno XL 2013 103 Hero [2]
44001 Pyrox 2013 50 Brain [2]
44002 Rocka 2013 43 Hero [2]
44003 Scarox 2013 46 Brain [2]
44004 Bulk 2013 50 Hero [2]
44005 Bruizer 2013 61 Brain [2]
44006 Breez 2013 50 Hero [2]
44007 Ogrum 2013 59 Brain [2]
44008 Surge 2013 66 Hero [2]
44009 Dragon Bolt 2013 149 Brain [2]
44010 Stormer 2013 69 Hero [2]
44011 Frost Beast 2013 60 Brain [2]
44012 Evo 2013 51 Hero [2]
44013 Aquagon 2013 41 Brain [2]
44014 Jet Rocka 2013 290 Hero [2]
44015 Evo Walker 2014 51 Hero [2]
44016 Jaw Beast vs Stormer 2014 49 Beast & Hero [2]
44017 Stormer Freezer Machine 2014 88 Hero [2]
44018 Furno Jet Machine 2014 79 Hero [2]
44019 Rocka Stealth Machine 2014 89 Hero [2]
44020 Flyer Beast vs Breez 2014 91 Beast & Hero [2]
44021 Splitter Beast vs Furno & Evo 2014 108 Beast & 2 Heroes [2]
44022 Evo XL Machine 2014 193 Hero [2]


Comics and books

In July 2010 Lego Group and DC Comics released the first Lego Hero Factory comic on the Hero Factory website only. Entitled The Trials of Furno, it was released for free download at Lego.com, and follows the story of the rookie hero William Furno on his first mission, to battle against Xplode and Rotor.[3][4] A second issue, entitled Core Crisis was released in September 2010.[5][6] In 2012, a new series of books tied in with the Hero Factory story and toyline began being released, written by Bionicle writer Greg Farshtey.[7] So far, one DK Reader-level 3 book has been released and four chapter books were released in September (The Doom Box) and October (Legion of Darkness) 2012, then in January (Collision Course), March (Robot Rampage), and April (Mirror World) 2013. They are published by Scholastic.[8]

Animated television series

To accompany the Hero Factory sets and storyline, a TV series of the same name, produced by Threshold Animation Studios, was commissioned by Lego in 2010. Starting off as a four-part mini-series on September 20, 2010 on Cartoon Network,[9] further episodes followed portraying subsequent storylines from the toy line. Threshold have produced ten Hero Factory episodes, while an eleventh and final episode was produced instead by Lego partners Advance and Ghost, and premiered in January 2014.

The first four episodes of the series were released as a direct-to-DVD film entitled Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies on November 22, 2010, it was released in Region 2 on October 21, 2011. The second assortment of episodes, including "Ordeal of Fire and "Savage Planet" (Parts One and Two), were also released as a direct-to-DVD film on October 4, 2011 entitled Hero Factory: Savage Planet and received a Region 2 release on November 5, 2012. Latter episodes are as of yet to receive a DVD release.


Toybuzz stated that the simplicity of the Hero sets were great for people who like the actual playing experience, but not so good for Lego fans who prefer the enjoyment of the build.[10] Toybuzz praised the sturdyness of the figures and wrote that "the best feature was that the weapons were actually one of their arms", as you do not have to spend time on putting the weapon back on. Toybuzz also praised the packaging that the Hero sets come with, stating that the plastic tubes are great for organization and for keeping the sets tidy.[10]


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