Subject Fighting Robots
Availability 1999–2000

Slizer (European) or ThrowBot (American) was a line of Lego toys released in early 1999. The series was initially centered on eight characters, each with its own Lego-set. All the characters were based on a fighter theme, but each of them had their own design rooted in their habitat. There were two loosely defined plots tying all the characters together, depending on localization. In either case the plot encouraged the eight characters to be combined into two big characters. Each set's instruction manual contained the instructions for constructing a fourth of one of these big characters.

All the characters were built around a common Frisbee-throwing gimmick, and for each character there were six different mini-disks available. Two standard disks were included with each set, while the rest of the disks were sold separately in randomized supplementary packs. This was the first time Lego attempted to make a product line on the hero-specific collector and trading mechanic, a mechanic that was later refined and re-used for Lego RoboRiders in late 1999 and the much more popular and long-lived BIONICLE line from 2001. The Bionicle sets are also notable for reusing and evolving the Lego-Technic ball-joints introduced with the Slizers.

Unlike the later RobotRiders and Bionicle lines, the Slizer sets came in hard carrying-cases designed to attach to the belt. This made it easier for kids to move the set, bringing it outside or to a friends place.

The product line was extended in early 2000, with four new "mutant" characters and one new disk-set, not long before the entire line was discontinued and replaced with the successor: Lego RoboRiders. Three of the new characters could be combined into a third big character as well.


The American and European localization was significantly different. In North America, the line was released as ThrowBots while in European the product line was dubbed Slizer. The name of the eight habitats also differ between the two localizations, and the plots are different.

North American Setting

In the American localization, the characters were spread across eight different planets. Seven of the planets had their own habitat and environment, while the eight planet served as a dome where fighters from all seven planets settled disputes or fought in duels.

European Setting

In the European localization, all the characters were present on one single planet. The planet was divided into seven equally sized segments, one for each habitat and with the dome on the center pole. This setting opens for more interaction between the characters.

Plot Development

Some plot was hinted at with the promotional material, and with the illustrations on the different disks. Most disk-illustrations show each character doing some kind of duty in their respective habitat, or each characters specific power. The promotional material on the other hand, in particular a one-page comic and the encouragement to combine all sets to make the two big characters, hints that four of the characters came into a war with the other four characters.

When the additional characters were introduced in 2000, active plot-development was made. This plot was told in the form of illustrations on the new disk-series included with the new sets. The new plot takes its base in the European setting, and involves an asteroid colliding with the planet, destroying half of it. In the following apocalyptic scenario, the new characters arise either as mutations of the old characters, or as invading new characters.

No further plot-development was ever made, and not long after the entire series was discontinued.


Each of the characters reside in their own habitat and have their own set of issues to deal with. Their color and appearance reflects this. Fire, Sub Ice and City survives the meteor impact in the plot-line.


The Fire Slizer lives in a dangerous volcanic landscape, and has to deal with lava-monsters, tall volcanoes, constant eruptions, lava-streams and flame-storms. The Fire Slizer is black and red, has a low profile and a torch and uses red disks.


The Sub Slizer lives underwater in a great ocean, and has to deal with the undersea wildlife and environment. He has to deal with sea monsters, caves, and the darkness of the ocean depths. The blue Sub Slizer has propellers on the back, an underwater breathing system, and is using yellow disks.


The Ice Slizer lives in a frozen landscapes and have to deal with icy caves, glaciers and ice-monsters. It is white and blue, wears a pair of ski, a staff, and has white disks.


The City Slizer lives in a huge city spanning the entire urban-sector of the planet. Some of its obstacles are tall skyscrapers, toxic waste and long roads. In great contrast to most of the other Slizers, the teal City Slizer has wheels instead of feet and uses teal disks.


The Jet Slizer is the judge at the battle-dome located in the middle of the planet's pole, between all the sectors. Its purpose is to oversee the other Slizers in fights and duels, and make sure eventual rules are not broken. He is yellow and black, with two disk-flingers. To move around quickly, it has a pair of wings and propellers on the back. Disks are black.


The Jungle Slizer lives in the dense jungle of the Jungle-sector. It has to deal with evil trees, vines and swamplands. The green and teal Slizer has a big knife, and uses green disks.


The Rock Slizer lives in the rock sector, dealing with Canyons, rock formations, mountains and earthquakes. It is equipped with pickaxes, and it walks on four legs. It's light brown and grey, using light-brown disks.


The Energy Slizer lives in a cloudy and stormy environment, riddled with thunderstorms and lightning. Its main threat is gaseous monsters, and the continuous extreme storms. He has four legs, wings and illustration on its disks suggest he has some kind of electrical attack. The disks are purple, and the Slizer is purple and black.


This slizer has two forms, one as a big character with two feet, the other has a small character on a motorbike. He appeared before the meteor impact in some versions, or during it in others. His design is a landmark in Technic characters, as his armor-plated bulk and articulated compound joints became a mainstay in larger figures. Millennia/Millennium is black/gray.


This menacing Slizer is twice the size of all the others, save Millenium. He wields a blast shield capable of firing bursts in his left hand and his right hand is a double throwing arm. His colors are yellow and black, similar to the former Judge Slizer, making it conceivable that the Judge Slizer was fused with the Jungle Slizer. This is due to his faceplate, which is one side Judge's the other side Jungle's face, either consumed by the meteor or the Judge Slizer/Jungle Slizer reborn.


Flare Slizer is one of the strangest of the new Slizers. He has skis, and wide wings. His throwing arm balances by acting as a tail. Flare partially resembles a Dragon, or a Phoenix, and it's orange or black.


The Spark Slizer descended in the aftermath of the meteor impact. His secondary weapon is a twin-barrelled weapon that doubles as a shield. It's purple and black.


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