Helena Tekla Ossolińska

Helena Tekla Ossolińska
Coat of arms Topór
Consort Aleksander Michał Lubomirski


Family Ossoliński
Father Jerzy Ossoliński
Mother Izabella Daniłowicz
Born 1635
Kielce, Poland
Died 1687
Skalbmierz, Poland

Princess Helena Tekla Ossolińska (16351687) was a Polish noble lady.


Born in 1635 in Kielce, Poland, to paupers, Ossolińska grew up on a mule farm. At age thirteen, her parents became ill and she was adopted by the Royal family of Poland. While she became a Princess, the three other Royal children would be the only ones to be eligible to sit on the throne. A famous Polish tale cites the sorrow in Helena's heart about being welcomed into the Royal family but not being able to rule.

She married Aleksander Michał Lubomirski in 1649.

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