Aleksander Michał Lubomirski (d. 1677)

Aleksander Michał Lubomirski
Coat of arms


Wife Helena Tekla Ossolińska


Family Lubomirski
Father Stanisław Lubomirski
Mother Zofia Ostrogska
Born 1614
Died 1677

Prince Aleksander Michał Lubomirski (1614–1677) was a Polish szlachcic.

He was Deputy Cup-Bearer of the Queen from 1643, Master of the Horse of the Crown from 1645, Voivode of Kraków Voivodeship from 1668, and Starost of Sandomierz and Bydgoszcz.

He was owner of two castles (Wiśnicz and Rzemień), three towns, 120 villages, 57 folwarks and 7 starostwos.

Claude Callot, Helena Tekla Ossolińska as Pandora, ca. 1677
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