Hallands Fotbollförbund

Hallands Fotbollförbund
Abbreviation Hallands FF or HFF
Purpose District Football Association
Björn Andersson
Website http://halland.svenskfotboll.se/

The Hallands Fotbollförbund (Halland Football Association) is one of the 24 district organisations of the Swedish Football Association. It administers lower tier football in the historical province of Halland.[1]


Hallands Fotbollförbund, commonly referred to as Hallands FF, is the governing body for football in the historical province of Halland which corresponds with modern-day Halland County. The Association currently has 99 member clubs. Based in Halmstad, the Association's Chairman is Johan Johqvist.[2]

Affiliated Members

The following clubs are affiliated to the Hallands FF:[2]

  • Alets IK
  • Andersbergs IK
  • Annebergs IF
  • Arvidstorps IK
  • BK Astrio
  • BK Viljan
  • BK Walldia
  • Bua IF
  • Derome BK
  • DFK Hasko
  • Falkenbergs FF
  • FF Serbiska Halmstad
  • Frillesås FF
  • Galgbackens IF
  • Galtabäcks BK
  • Genevad/Veinge IF
  • Getinge IF
  • Glommens IF
  • GoIF Ginsten
  • Grimetons IK
  • Grimmareds IF
  • Gullbrandstorps AIS
  • H Å FF
  • Halmstads BK
  • Harplinge IK
  • Hasslövs IS
  • Haverdal IF
  • Hishults AIS
  • Hyltebruks IF
  • IF Älvena
  • IF Böljan
  • IF Centern
  • IF Leikin

League Competitions

Hallands FF run the following League Competitions:

Men's Football

Division 4 - two sections
Division 5 - two sections
Division 6 - three sections[2]

Women's Football

Division 3 - one section
Division 4 - two sections
Division 5 - three sections[2]


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