Guy I of Dampierre

Guy I of Dampierre (died 1151), son of Thibaut of Dampierre-sur-l’Aube and Elizabeth of Montlhéry, daughter of Milo I of Montlhéry.[1] Viscount of Troyes. Seigneur of Dampierre, Saint-Dizier, and Moëlain.

Guy travelled with Hugh I of Troyes on his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1125.[2] It is not known whether Guy became a Knight Templar, although his son William approved the donation of property to the Templars at Provins.[3] Guy was associated with Barisan the Old, who travelled in the Holy Land with Hugh II of Le Puiset, as well as Hugh’s uncle Guy of Le Puiset.

Guy married Helvide of Baudémont, daughter of Andre of Baudémont, Seneschal of Bourgogne, and his wife Agnes.[4] Helvide was the widow of Hugh of Chacenay, Seigneur de Montréal.[4] After Guy’s death, Helvide became a nun at Jully-les-Nonnains. Guy and Helvide had seven children:



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