Houses of Montlhéry and Le Puiset

The Houses of Montlhéry and Le Puiset (referred to as the Montlhéry Clan by Riley-Smith[1]) is the name given by two powerful families, joined in marriage, that played a major role in the 11th and 12th centuries in both the Crusades as well as the administration of the Holy Land.[2] The Montlhéry branch consists of the relatives (descendants and in-laws) of Guy I of Montlhéry (referred to here as simply Guy) and Hodierna of Gometz. The Le Puiset branch consists of the descendants of Everard I of Breteuil. Everard’s son Hugh I of Le Puiset (or simply Hugh) married Guy’s daughter Alice, bringing the families together. Prominent members of the families are as follows.

Knights who Took the Cross (First Crusade unless otherwise noted)

Kings of Jerusalem

Princes of Galilee

Counts of Edessa

Counts of Jaffa


The family trees of the Montlhéry and Le Puiset houses can be found in Riley-Smith.[3]


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