Grevenmacher District

The District of Grevenmacher (1843 – 3 Oct 2015) was one of three districts of Luxembourg. It contained three cantons divided into 26 communes:

  1. Echternach
  2. Grevenmacher
  3. Remich

It bordered the districts of Luxembourg to the west and Diekirch to the north, the German Länder of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland to the east, and the French département of Moselle to the south. It had a per capita income of $57,800.

After the reorganization of Luxembourg's administrative divisions in 2015, all three districts were abolished per 3 October 2015.

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Coordinates: 49°40′N 6°25′E / 49.667°N 6.417°E / 49.667; 6.417

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