Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder General Motors Diesel
Serial number A1945–A1949, A2176, A2558–A2560
Model SW1200MG
Build date 1963 (5), 1968 (1), 1971 (3)
Total produced 9
AAR wheel arr. B-B
UIC class Bo'Bo'
Electric system(s) 2400 V AC 60 Hz catenary
Current collection Pantograph
Operators Iron Ore Company of Canada
Numbers 431501–431509
Locale North America

The EMD SW1200MG was a 4-axle electric locomotive built by General Motors Diesel between 1963 and 1971. This locomotive was the electric version of the diesel powered SW1200, with the prime mover replaced by a motor-generator set, hence the MG suffix in the model number.

Locomotives run under 2400V 60 Hz, in automatic control without driver. The difference with SW1200 is that a single-phase electric motor is provided in place of the diesel motor, with adapted control.

Nine examples of this locomotive were built for a single Canadian customer – Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC).

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