Friuli-Venezia Giulia regional election, 1978

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The Friuli-Venezia Giulia regional election of 1978 took place on 25 June 1978.

Christian Democracy was by far the largest party, largely ahead of the Italian Communist Party which came second. The regionalist parties, Friuli Movement, Slovene Union and the recently formed List for Trieste (which stole many votes from the mainstream social-democratic parties), had a total score of more than 10% for the first time.

After the election Antonio Comelli, the incumbent Christian Democratic President, formed a one-party government. In 1980 he managed to enlarge his cabinet to the Italian Socialist Party, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party, the Italian Republican Party and the Italian Liberal Party.[1]


Parties votes votes (%) seats
Christian Democracy 332,684 39.6 26
Italian Communist Party 182,845 21.8 14
Italian Socialist Party 79,656 9.5 5
List for Trieste 54,682 6.5 4
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 41,979 5.0 3
Friuli Movement 38,238 4.6 2
Italian Social Movement 35,084 4.2 2
Italian Republican Party 19,716 2.3 1
Proletarian Democracy 11,184 1.3 1
Italian Liberal Party 10,575 1.3 1
Slovene Union 9,481 1.1 1
Others 0.9 -
Total 840,126 100.0 60

Sources: Istituto Cattaneo and Cjargne Online


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