Friedrich Karl von Schönborn

Friedrich Karl von Schönborn

Friedrich Karl von Schönborn (1674–1746) was the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg and Prince-Bishop of Bamberg from 1729 to 1746.

Friedrich Karl von Schönborn was born in Mainz on 3 March 1674, the second son of Melchior Frederick, Count of Schönborn (the ruler of Schönborn) and his wife, Maria Anna Sophia von Boineburg (1652–1726).[1] Friedrich Karl was the nephew of Lothar Franz von Schönborn, Archbishop-Elector of Mainz. Friedrich Karl's older brother Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn was one of his predecessors as Prince-Bishop of Würzburg; his younger brother Damian Hugo Philipp von Schönborn became Prince-Bishop of Speyer and his youngest brother Franz Georg von Schönborn became Archbishop-Elector of Trier.

In 1681, he was sent to study at the Jesuit school at Aschaffenburg. He received the minor orders in 1701.[2] He became a canon of Würzburg Cathedral in 1704, and a canon of Bamberg Cathedral in 1705.[3]

In 1705, he became Vice-Chancellor for Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor; he held this post under Joseph and his successor, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, until 1731.[4] He was appointed coadjutor bishop of Bamberg on 13 December 1708, with Pope Clement XI confirming his appointment on 19 May 1710.[5]

He was ordained as a priest on 10 June 1728.[6] On 20 June 1728 he was consecrated as a bishop by his uncle Lothar Franz von Schönborn.[7] Upon his uncle's death on 20 January 1729, he succeeded as Prince-Bishop of Bamberg.[8] He was appointed Prince-Bishop of Würzburg on 18 May 1729, with Pope Benedict XIII confirming the appointment on 3 August 1729.[9] He was also appointed Apostolic Administrator of Bamberg on 3 August 1729.[10] As such, there was a personal union between the Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg and the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg from 1729 to 1746.

He died on 26 July 1746 and is buried in Würzburg Cathedral.[11]

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Catholic Church titles
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Lothar Franz von Schönborn
Prince-Bishop of Bamberg
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Johann Philipp Anton von Franckenstein
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Prince-Bishop of Würzburg
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